• Alabama's unemployment rate for August is at 2.6%
  • The sheriff of Blount county is featured on the 1819 News website
  • An Alabama man is shot and killed at car dealership in Louisiana
  • Driver of car at Talladega short track has to be lifeflighted to UAB after wreck
  • 2 new timber related facilities plan to expand in Houston county
  • This weekend marks the 100 days since 2 AL men were captured in Ukraine


  • A tentative deal to avoid railroad workers strike is getting mixed reviews
  • A group of lawyers urge legal action against states sending busses of illegals
  • Lt governor of FL says the busses will still be sent
  • Donald Trump holds rally in Ohio and brings up the chaos at the border
  • Freedom Flyers working with vaccine injured pilots to keep their jobs
  • Japan study shows cornea transplants being rejected by those getting the jab

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