Another year, another session and gambling is still illegal in Alabama, but just barely.

This week Bryan sits down with 1819 News’ Editor in Chief Jeff Poor to dive into Alabama’s 2024 legislative session. Looming large in the conversation is the massive push for gambling and why it failed.

Unfortunately, plenty of good legislation didn't pass due to the relentless efforts of a few legislators hellbent on foisting their terrible gambling bill upon the people of Alabama.

But not all was lost, there were some great things that came out of the session, such as school choice and the appointment of the state health officer, which Jeff and Bryan dig into.

In a republic, it’s critical that every citizen stays informed. This is a must-watch episode that will give you the knowledge and perspective you need!

In this week's Overtime segment – Only available to 1819 News Members! – Bryan and Jeff discuss the importance of Attorney General Steve Marshall and Senator Tommy Tuberville attending the Trump trial in New York.

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