Bryan has said that this week's episode may very well be the most important piece of content we have put out at 1819 News. That is a bold statement as 1819 News has put out countless impactful news articles, opinion pieces, radio hits, and podcasts since our inception. The things Dr. Lindsay has to say need to be heard by every single person in Alabama.

This week Bryan sits down with Dr. James Lindsay, a world leading expert on Marxism in education. We hear James Lindsay's story of how he rose to fame by writing ridiculous, fictitious white papers that were published by leading intellectual journals as a means of showing how captured the systems within academia are.

From that, James learned more about the roots of this capture and how everything leads to Marx, Lenin, Gramsci, Marcuse, and the long march through the institutions. This is not a new topic for 1819 News: The Podcast, but Lindsay is able to plumb the depths of it more fully than ever before and give specific examples of how teachers are trained to indoctrinate children using Social Emotional Learning (SEL), even taking harmless curriculum and using it to cause division and separate children from parents.

This is a must watch, must listen podcast!

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