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Randy Tatano: Hey, Alabama legislators — English, please

The convoluted language that is supposed to “inform” voters has gone too far.

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Alabama Policy Institute: What voters should know about constitutional items on the November ballot

Election Day 2022 is now less than three weeks away. And while the focus for many voters may be on races for governor, U.S. Senate and the Alabama Legislature, there are also 10 constitutional amendments and a vote on the revised Constitution of Alabama 2022 that will appear on the ballot. 

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Statewide Amendment on today's ballot: Here is what it means

The amendment would authorize $85 million in new borrowing with $80 million dedicated to the Alabama Parks System and $5 million to be spent on historical parks by the Alabama Historical Commission. The amendment bars any of the money being spent on the Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury.

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Republican Party Primary Election Overview

Republican voters go to the polls on Tuesday to pick their party's nominees for governor, senate, congress, secretary of state, state senate, state supreme court, attorney general, state board of education, and much more.

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Democratic Party Primary Election Overview

Every Democratic primary ballot will have the statewide gubernatorial race, the U.S. Senate race, and the statewide constitutional amendment dealing with a bond issue for state parks. Some jurisdictions will have other races including State Democratic Executive Committee.