With both major party primaries on Tuesday, Alabama citizens have the opportunity to cast their vote for the candidate they believe will best represent them in a number of issues that directly impact day-to-day life in this state.

On Tuesday, voters will select either a Republican or Democratic ballot. Each ballot will reflect races that impact the entire state, local county, local school board, state senate and state house, along with a state constitutional amendment asking voters to approve a bond issue for state parks.

Sample ballots for both major political parties for every county are available on the Secretary of State’s website.

The Republican Party primary is on Tuesday. Both the U.S. Senate race and the gubernatorial race have been incredibly expensive. The combined cost of those two races could well end up past $60 million. The commercials have been nonstop and the discussion around both campaigns has often been more negative than substantive. In addition to those high-profile races, there are statewide contests for Secretary of State, State Auditor, Public Service Commissioner, and Supreme Court Justice, plus numerous races for Congress, state senate, state representative, state board of education, sheriff, county commission and more.

See the summary of the Democrat primary here.

Republican Statewide Races

The candidates for governor on the Republican primary ballot are:

The Republican candidates for U.S. Senator are:

The Republican candidates for Attorney General are:

The Republicans running for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Place 5 are:

In the running for Secretary of State are:

Running for State Auditor are:

In the race for Public Service Commissioner Place No 1 those running are:

Running for Public Service Commissioner Place No. 2 are:

There are a number of other races on the Republican ballot, but these vary across the state.

Congressional races include:

Republican Races for State Senate and State House

There are a number of battles for State Senate seats in the Republican primary:

  • In Senate District (SD) 1 incumbent Sen. Tim Melson is facing a challenge from John Sutherland. Melson chairs the Senate Education Policy Committee.     

  • In SD2 incumbent Sen. Tom Butler is facing former State Sen. Bill Holtzclaw. Holtzclaw defeated Butler for the seat in the 2010 general election. Holtzclaw did not seek reelection in 2018, when Butler switched to the Republican Party and won SD2.

  • In SD11 former St. Clair County Republican Party chairman Lance Bell and former military chaplain Michael J Wright are competing for the open seat.     

  • In SD12 Wendy Ghee Draper, Keith Kelley, and Wayne Willis are all running for the open seat. 

  • In SD13 incumbent Sen. Randy Price is being challenged by John Allen Coker.

  • In SD15 incumbent Sen. Dan Roberts is being challenged by Brian Christine.

  • In SD17 incumbent Sen. Shay Shelnutt is facing challenger Mike Dunn.

  • In SD22 incumbent Sen. Greg Albritton is being challenged by Stephen Sexton. Albritton is the Chairman of the Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee.

  • In SD27 incumbent State Sen. Tom Whatley is being challenged by Auburn City Councilman Jay Hovey. Whatley is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • Senate District 31 is another open Republican seat. There, Josh Carnley, Stormin Norman Horton, and Mike Jones, Jr. are all running in the GOP primary. Mike Jones is the Rules Committee Chairman in the Alabama House of Representatives.    

There are also a number of Republican primary contests for State House seats:

  • In Alabama House District (HD) 1 Maurice McCaney is challenging incumbent Phillip Pettus.       

  • In HD2 Jason Spencer Black, Kimberly Butler, Ben Harrison, and Terrance L. Irelan are running in the open GOP Primary. 

  • In HD3 Fred Joly and Kerry “Bubba” Underwood are running.     

  • In HD4 Sheila Banister and Patrick Johnson are challenging incumbent Parker Duncan Moore.      

  • In HD7 incumbent Proncey D. Robertson is being challenged by Ernie Yarbrough.  

  • In HD13 Greg Barnes, Keith Davis, Matt Dozier, Charlie Waits, and Matt Woods are running.    

  • In HD14 Cory Franks and Tom Fredricks are challenging incumbent Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth.

  • In HD15 Leigh Hulsey and Brad Tompkins are running.      

  • In HD20 James D. Brown, James Lomax, Angela McClure, and Frances Taylor are running.    

  • In HD23 incumbent Tommy Hanes is being challenged by Mike Kirkland       

  • In HD24 House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter is being challenged by Don Stout.       

  • In HD25 Buck Clemons and Phillip K. Rigsby are both running.   

  • In HD26 Brock Colvin, Annette E. Holcomb, and Todd Mitchem are running.  

  • In HD28 former State Rep. Mack N Butler is challenging incumbent Gil F. Isbell     

  • In HD29 Mark A. Gidley and Jamie W Grant are running.   

  • In HD31 Chadwick Smith and Troy B. Stubbs are running. 

  • In HD38 Micah J. Messer is challenging incumbent Debbie Hamby Wood.      

  • In HD39 Brent Rhodes is challenging incumbent Ginny Shaver.  

  • In HD40 Gayla Blanton, Julie Borrelli, Katie Exum, Bill Lester, Bill McAdams, Chad Robertson, and Jakob Williamson are running. 

  • In HD45 incumbent Dickie Drake faces Susan DuBose.      

  • In HD48 incumbent Jim Carns faces a challenge from William C. Wentowski. 

  • In HD49 incumbent Russell Bedsole is being challenged by Michael Hart.      

  • In HD61 Ron Bolton and Kimberly A. Madison are running. 

  • In HD64 Angelo Jacob Fermo and Donna Givens are on the ballot

  • In HD65 Dee Ann Campbell is challenging incumbent Brett Easterbrook.      

  • In HD87 Eric E. Johnson is challenging incumbent Jeff Sorrells    

  • In HD88 incumbent Will Dismukes is facing Jerry Starnes.

  • In HD91 Les W. Hogan is challenging incumbent Rhett Marques. 

  • In HD92 Matthew Hammett and Greg White are both running.

  • In HD94 incumbent Joe Faust is being challenged by Jennifer Fidler     

  • In HD95 Frances Holk-Jones, Michael T. Ludvigsen, Jr., and Reginald C Pulliam are the candidates.

  • In HD96 Danielle R Duggar is challenging incumbent Matt Simpson.    

  • In HD100 Pete Kupfer, Joe Piggott, and Mark Shirey are all running to be the Republican nominee.

Other Republican Ballot Selections

In a number of counties, there are local races for county commission, sheriff, probate judge, revenue commissioner, etc. that may be on your Republican party ballot.

Finally, there are numerous State Republican Executive Committee spots on the ballot to choose from.

Both Democratic and Republican ballots have the constitutional amendment dealing with the state parks.

The winners of the Republican primary will then appear on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. The exception to that is the Republican State Executive Committee seats. Those are chosen by the Republican primary voters, not the general election voters.

Polls will open at 7:00 am on Tuesday and close that evening at 7:00 p.m. Turnout is expected to be light. Remember that to vote in any Alabama election you must already be registered and must bring a valid photo ID with you to the polls. If you do not have a photo ID, you can obtain a free voter ID from your county board of registrars or by calling the office of the Alabama Secretary of State.

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