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Secretary of State Wes Allen details new voter roll tracking system AVID: 'I believe in Election Day, not Election Month'

One of the the first orders of business for Secretary of State Wes Allen when he took office last November was to get the state out of the controversial voter roll tracking system ERIC. He’s since been working to implement a better “Alabama-based” solution, one voters can be confident is free of corruption and outside control.

Wes Allen Alabama News
Secretary of State Wes Allen: Reasons for withdrawing from ERIC 'conveniently not mentioned' in Politico hit piece

Left-leaning media outlet Politico criticized Alabama’s new Secretary of State Wes Allen for pulling out of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which it called “a genuine bipartisan success story.”

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Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen withdraws from ERIC organization

Sect. of State Wes Allen sent a letter to ERIC executive director Shane Hamlin on Monday notifying him of the withdrawal.

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Alabama voter maintenance system has ties to Democratic operatives, study finds

A new study about a voter roll maintenance company that works with the state of Alabama shows cause for concern over possible political influence.