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Asa Carter Alabama News
The double life of Alabama writer, Asa Carter

Asa Carter was always a writer, but what he wrote about and the theme of his work changed so dramatically that few in Alabama knew it was the same writer. Almost no one knew.

George Wallace Jr Book Alabama News
'From Segregation to Salvation': George Wallace, Jr. pens new book about father

George Wallace, Jr. is the namesake of one of the nation’s best-known governors. George Jr. served as Alabama’s State Treasurer and Public Service Commissioner. Now, he has released a book about his famous father that is an in-depth dive into the man and out of the myth.

George Wallace school house door Alabama News
George Wallace's son publishes new book on his father's life, legacy and misconceptions — 'I tried to chronicle his entire journey'

1819 News recently sat down with the son of Alabama Governor George Wallace Sr., to discuss his new book, highlighting aspects of his father’s life that are less known and noting the famed separatist's change of heart later in life.

George Wallace Alabama News
David Azbell: A surprising lesson in forgiveness from a former Alabama governor

On May 15, 1972, a man named Arthur Bremer shot Alabama Gov. George Wallace in a well-known incident. Wallace's extension of forgiveness toward Bremer, however, is a well-kept secret.

George Wallace school house door Alabama News
Today is the anniversary of the day that Wallace 'stood in the schoolhouse door'

On June 11, 1963, federal authorities escorted two Black students as they enrolled in the University of Alabama. The desegregation of the University of Alabama was opposed by then Gov. George C, Wallace (D).