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Tag: media

Steve Perkins Alabama News
Huntsville media refuse to air ALEA body cam footage of Stephen Perkins shooting

Huntsville media have refused to air the ALEA body cam footage in the shooting death of Stephen Perkins in Decatur.

Tuberville Alabama News
Media meltdown over Tuberville calling Democrats 'satanic' — 'I mean every word'

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) recently offered a theory that has sent Democrats and liberal media outlets into a meltdown.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Randy Tatano: How does the media select missing persons for coverage?

People get emotional and care a great deal about pretty things that are broken. And the media knows this. Especially when it comes to missing persons. 

news, live, camera Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The TV live shot from hell

Back in the day, people thought I had a glamour job as a television reporter, and on occasion, it felt that way.