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S Town Alabama News
Man featured in ‘S-Town’ podcast shot and killed by Woodstock police

Tyler Goodson, a man featured in the popular podcast “S-Town,” was reportedly shot and killed by police Sunday.

DAN BONGINO Alabama News
Dan Bongino mentions 1819 News on 'The Dan Bongino Show'

Dan Bongino, a former New York Police officer and Secret Service Agent turned conservative political commentator, mentioned 1819 News on his podcast Tuesday when talking about his new movie "Police State."

Devil's Playground Alabama News
Podcaster investigates 'The Devil's Playground' near Hayden where locals claim children were experimented on

Small towns can often hide big secrets, but the story behind an abandoned compound known locally as “The Devil’s Playground” in the middle of the woods in Hayden could be too monstrous to believe.

File 6e077e6e 0650 4663 b0d0 91968e37fdfa Alabama News
Alabama pastor’s son uses platform as Yankees pitcher to share Jesus

By Grace Thornton, The Alabama Baptist When Clay Holmes was growing up, if his family wasn’t at church they were at the ballpark. At...