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Ray melick Alabama News
Ray Melick announces retirement after legendary career in news

It was a little over a year ago when I first was contacted about 1819 News. It had been over a decade since I was part of a news organization, but journalism — good journalism — has always been my first love.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks teacher salaries versus disappointing student testing results on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss teacher salaries versus disappointing student testing results.

Ray melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Supreme Court returns the debate to the democratic process, where it always belonged

For those Republicans or Conservative who had trouble voting for Donald Trump in 2016, but did because they hoped his biggest contribution would be on the Supreme Court … This last week has been for you.

Ray Melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Democrats voting Republican - can you blame them?

Let’s be honest: how do you know that someone hasn’t simply changed their minds, the way so many of our Democrat-turned-Republican political leaders have done in this state over the last two decades?

Ray Melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Money talks in Alabama Senate race, but what is it saying?

Why is this race so important as to be worth $24.5 million from organizations largely outside the state of Alabama? Understand, this is not a race to determine which party controls the Senate in November. Alabama is as safely a Republican seat as there is (notwithstanding the blip that was Doug Jones). The bigger issue for Republicans in November is regaining control of the Senate.

Ray Melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Thank you for your vote

The truth is, by choosing to not participate in the election process, those people who don’t vote have given those of us who do, power - over their very lives, their laws, their rights, their citizenship.

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Ray Melick: And just like that, football season is over

And just like that, football season is over. Of course, there is no “just like that” like the Super Bowl, that truly American spectacle...

File 1bb51108 a414 401d b601 2f2f0f41896e Alabama News
Ray Melick: SMH, it's another case of JABA

I saw a new internet/social media abbreviation (or maybe it's an acronym) that I had not seen before, that cracked me up. “JABA.” I...

File 9e225bc4 cdc3 4ab0 b0ab 1e68954bbb2e Alabama News
Ray Melick: Is the AEA really saying that one in 10 students is ready to bail on public school?

It is a startling statistic: one out of every 10 students would leave public school for an alternative manner of education, given the...

File c07a51ba 928a 4706 9cb1 04995609271f Alabama News
Ray Melick: Forget Black or White, we need districts that hold elected officials accountable

When that federal three-judge panel ruled that Alabama’s redistricting plan passed by the legislature in a 2021 special session violated...

File 546b9435 e763 4723 b258 d0cca0aa38df Alabama News
Ray Melick: It couldn't get any better ... until it did

It can’t get any better than this. How many times did you say that this weekend, watching four NFL playoff games that were possibly...

File 7c778076 9385 430a 8466 cccc70521713 Alabama News
Ray Melick: Real voter suppression is when you don't vote

The calls used to come with some regularity. “President Trump is a dictator,’’ the angry voice would scream. To which I would respond,...

File 4bb72bfd 537f 48de 922b de48e22c78dd Alabama News
Ray Melick: Alabama loses a game, legislature goes into action

Last Monday night, Alabama lost in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Two days later, the Alabama House State...

File 6fb53a5b 90eb 487f be88 7ae9aa457292 Alabama News
Ray Melick: Alabama vs. Georgia - it really does just mean more

“It just means more.” Yes, that’s a marketing slogan that the Southeastern Conference has copyrighted and ESPN has broadcast into every...

File be4e4e97 1e9d 4cb8 8d56 cdcb0ae8ad72 Alabama News
Ray Melick: Over the river and through the woods

One of the true joys of Christmas – at least for me – has always been spending time with family. When my own children were little,...

File 3d7b9344 0f7b 4f80 b982 aca09a80cfd8 Alabama News
Ray Melick: What do Alabamians want? Senate election to reveal

No one can argue that Richard Shelby has not been committed to serving the State of Alabama. When our senior Senator officially leaves...

File 82c0e60f b459 4af0 bada 303e67f0ac26 Alabama News
Ray Melick: Let's go Brandon!

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan (do I really need to explain who he is?) was never one to get involved in politics. Once asked to...

File 5ba211ec 3c73 4418 bc4c 12ddb26be735 Alabama News
Ray Melick: What were once vices are now legislative priorities

The band “The Doobie Brothers” (ask your parents) put out an album way back in 1974 with the title, “What were once vices are now habits.”...

File f3aa3a1b 8991 48b8 8831 2dcbfcea4d66 Alabama News
Ray Melick: When it comes to money, Alabama is singing a new tune

As much as I love the song “Stars Fell on Alabama,’’ maybe it’s time to change the state’s official tune. How about the oldy but goody...

File a41c96f4 f33c 4e97 8b86 1f3b21d9823e Alabama News
Ray Melick: Rittenhouse jury show government, media who is in charge

As all the reaction from the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict rolled in, the one thought I had was … why would anyone in their right mind want...