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Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey announces July special session to redraw congressional maps after SCOTUS decision

Gov. Kay Ivey has officially announced the special legislative session for lawmakers to redraw congressional maps after being compelled by a Supreme Court ruling.

Nathaniel Ledbetter. Alabama News
House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter appoints reapportionment committee members as special session looms

Alabama House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter has appointed members to the Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment as the state prepares for a July special session to redraw congressional maps.

Scott Harris (left) and Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Proposed bill would allow legislature to call special session, removing Governor's sole authority

A proposed constitutional amendment to remove the Alabama Governor's unilateral authority to call the state legislature into a special session has been filed in the House of Representatives.

Gov. Kay Ivey State of the state Alabama News
Ivey announces ARPA special session; Talks charter schools, tax rebates in State of the State

Governor Kay Ivey gave her State of the State address on Tuesday, calling for a special session and announcing the state’s plans to raise pay for teachers, plans for tax rebates, expand adoption access and more.

Alabama Senate Ainsworth Alabama News
Alabama Senate recesses for two weeks in anticipation of special session

Then Alabama legislature gaveled in Tuesday to begin what is shaping up to be a long session but swiftly scheduled a lengthy two-week recess for the as-of-yet unscheduled special legislative session.

Alabama House of Representatives 4 Alabama News
Ivey expected to call special session to allocate $1 billion in ARPA funds at the beginning of 2023 regular session

Much like the legislative tactic used to pass the 2019 Rebuild Alabama Act that included a controversial gasoline tax increase, a special session is being planned to start at the beginning of the 2023 regular session on March 7 to allocate more than $1 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money.

Eagle Forum Alabama Logo Alabama News
Anti-gambling coalition urges Ivey not to add gambling legislation to any special session

“We call on Governor Ivey to resist pressure from big money donors and gambling operators who are currently breaking state law."

File 11c8c191 9343 4da7 926a 0e4c59ee52cf Alabama News
Legislature passes ARPA bill

On Thursday, the Alabama Legislature passed legislation to appropriate the American Rescue Plan Act funding. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey...

File 41ddc2f7 4467 4417 808e e12b718ec588 Alabama News
House and Senate pass American Rescue Plan Act appropriation bills

The Alabama House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan Act appropriation on Tuesday with broad bipartisan support on...

File d9135640 409f 4179 adcf 398ffbbd059c Alabama News
House Democrats support the ARPA appropriations bill

Alabama House Democrats held a press conference announcing tacit support for the framework of the bill appropriating American Rescue...

File 5597f02d c6e8 4619 b9a3 a9f7f7b4d155 Alabama News
Alabama House Committee approves American Rescue Plan Act legislation

The House Ways and Means General Fund committee on Thursday gave a favorable report to legislation appropriating American Rescue Plan...

File f65563df 99c5 4151 be2d 2fcc6441c0be Alabama News
Could COVID slow down legislative session?

The Alabama legislature has found itself short five members due to COVID-19. With several legislators out due to illness, there are...

File 28bdeaaf 5b25 434b 885b 5a5593aab4c1 Alabama News
Appropriations bill for the ARPA funds introduced

State Rep. Steve Clouse (R-Ozark) filed the appropriations bill that would authorize the state to spend hundreds of millions of dollars...

File ca3a2b2f f1de 4334 b2ca 809fa4d8ca13 Alabama News
Alabama Senator wants to prioritize bill to cut stimulus check amounts from state income tax

In 2021, the U.S. Congress passed the American Rescue Act. Americans received tax credit stimulus checks, many wired straight into...

File 6276861e 054e 4ceb 9f38 fbb21d7a4593 Alabama News
Ivey calls a special session

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) on Tuesday signed a proclamation calling the Alabama Legislature into a special session to handle the task...

File ed0601ac 7a66 4942 bc56 c04be0cb9eca Alabama News
Judiciary Committee considers bill changing how bail is handled

A bill addressing posting bond in municipal court cases received a favorable report on Tuesday from the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee....

File 166748b1 4e91 44b1 abe0 97b04bb7efa3 Alabama News
Sen. Greg Reed previews special session

Broadband internet, water and sewage, and healthcare expansions are all on the docket for Alabama’s upcoming special session.   Gov....

File ebd6e4cd 3db4 44d2 ac16 682370d824aa Alabama News
Governor Ivey to deliver 2022 state of the state address tonight

At the invitation of the Alabama House of Representatives, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) will deliver the annual state of the state...

File 85b8edb6 0377 45a9 8a5a e75568bc770f Alabama News
Gov. Ivey signs vaccine mandate bills

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) on Friday signed both bills opposing with COVID-19 vaccine mandates into law. Ivey...

File a36d1eec ee33 4339 bfb0 83feb04b160d Alabama News
New redistricting maps portal created for Alabama

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Secretary of State’s office released new district maps for the State of Alabama. The Secretary of...

File eb73c6f0 2737 4143 bf9c def7dc5e7e94 Alabama News
Legislature passes COVID mandate legislation

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Legislature passed two bills designed to provide some relief to Alabamians who are struggling to deal...

File 140e14d0 d5b6 4d5b 952d 0582fd484749 Alabama News
House Health Committee passes vaccine mandate legislation

  By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives will vote on two bills concerning vaccine mandates on Thursday. Although...

File 7e954a9c 8828 43d0 af8c 19e07711fe78 Alabama News
Legislature could wrap up redistricting Wednesday

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama special session tasked primarily with redistricting could be finished as early as Wednesday after committees...

File 75b8d75b 9feb 4a57 9561 b2cf821c3dfd Alabama News
Senate Committee approves two bills limiting vaccine mandates

By Brandon Moseley The Senate Finance and Taxation Committee on Monday approved two bills to address concerns about vaccine mandates...

File 91109c11 d16f 438b b77d fa8feb5444e8 Alabama News
Alabama House has passed redistricting plan for itself

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives passed a redistricting plan for its own redistricting Monday. House Bill 1...

File a2af9c40 d7d6 4b84 99a8 4e2a8dd0b23c Alabama News
Redistricting bills sail through committees; special session could wrap Wednesday

By Brandon Moseley All four constitutionally mandated redistricting bills were approved by committees on Friday and appear poised for...

File 6addaa56 952c 4350 8201 dc8881d66c69 Alabama News
Alabama Senate meets for the first day of the 2021 special session

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama State Senate met for Day One of the second 2021 special session, called by Alabama Governor. Kay Ivey...

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