Rise to the Moment of Truth Thursday, June 8, 2023


File 4662a43b 9926 499c b29e 67e3a4f40673 Alabama News
Committee approves Congressional redistricting plan

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Legislative Committee on Reapportionment approved on Tuesday the proposed redistricting of Alabama’s...

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Proposed congressional district maps released

By Brandon Mosley  Legislators are reviewing several draft maps showing redistricting proposals for Alabama, ahead of the special session...

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Proposed State Senate district maps have been released

By Brandon Mosley Draft maps were released Monday showing the proposed redistricting maps for the Alabama House of Representatives...

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'Election Blackout Period' to halt campaign contributions during special session

By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor The Alabama Legislature will convene for a special session on Thursday, Oct. 28, for redistricting....

File 0314e899 0a4f 4357 b62a 928351fa022b Alabama News
Legislature won’t take up Critical Race Theory ban in special session

By Brandon Moseley Many advocates of banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Alabama schools wanted the legislature to take up the issue...

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Governor calls special session for redistricting and appropriation of ARPA funds

Gov. Kay Ivey has added an item to the call for the special legislative session on redistricting. In addition to redistricting, the...

File 12daf2c1 7760 4283 a2d2 84d36b5a1ae8 Alabama News
Alabama Republican Party wants legislature to take action against Biden vaccine mandates

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued a statement Friday strongly recommending state legislation to...

File a29db0d6 feb5 4fea 8246 1ff72986469d Alabama News
Health freedom bill filed in the Alabama house

By Craig Monger A state lawmaker is hoping a pre-filed bill will help combat what are commonly called “vaccine passports.”    State...

File 70adddf8 8650 4266 b8b9 07c5acd3c506 Alabama News
Ivey announces redistricting special session will begin Oct. 28

By Brandon Moseley On Thursday, Oct. 14, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) sent a public letter to members of the state legislature telling...

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