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Fairhope Public Library meeting Alabama News
Read Freely co-founder travels from Prattville to Fairhope Library to warn of conspiracy from 'extremists' to move explicit youth books

A large crowd turned out Monday for the Fairhope Public Library’s monthly board meeting. The majority of those in attendance were there to support the library amid controversy over books some say are inappropriate for children and teens.

‘Anybody that wants to sexualize grade-age kids is a pervert themselves’: Orange Beach moves inappropriate juvenile books, writes new policy

The Orange Beach Public Library has made moves to protect children and teens from books some may consider inappropriate for juveniles.

Library Board of Trustees Fairhope Alabama News
Fairhope pediatrician, retired minister want Fairhope Library to keep questionable books in children section; Anti-human trafficking activist raises concerns

The Fairhope Library's Board of Trustees met Monday and heard from the public about concerns over books that some say contain inappropriate material. These books, they say, are in the children and teen sections of the library, and they want them moved to the adult section.

Ozark Dale County Library Alabama News
Ozark Dale County Library Board makes changes in response to juvenile book controversy

The Ozark Dale County Library Board made changes during a meeting Wednesday to protect juveniles in the children and teen sections of the library.

Ozark Library Alabama News
Children, teen LGBTQ book controversy moves to Ozark Dale County Library; Ozark mayor calls to cut funds

The Ozark Dale County Library pulled all young adult LGBTQ+ books from the shelves to review them after a complaint from the Ozark mayor. The books have been returned to the shelves, but the library is now planning a community meeting to hear from the public and discuss what actions will be taken going forward.