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COVID Vaccine Alabama News
ACLL's Clark: SCOTUS ruling could help Alabamians fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine due to religious beliefs

Alabama Center for Law and Liberty president Matt Clark told 1819 News on Wednesday that one recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has the potential to help Alabamains who lost their jobs for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine due to religious beliefs. 

UAB Alabama News
UAB in top 1% of organizations funded by the National Institutes of Health under Dr. Fauci

The University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) is in the top 1% of “public, private and international organizations” funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), according to a press release from the university.

vaccine proof sign Alabama News
State Rep. Yarbrough backs bill to prohibit vaccine mandates

State Rep. Ernie Yarbrough (R-Trinity) announced his intent to file the Alabama Health Freedom Act, which will prohibit all forms of discrimination based on vaccine status.

Barry Moore meets a soldier Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Moore: CDC must detail 'science and decision-making process' for military COVID vaccine mandates

U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) is continuing to put the Department of Justice (DOJ) on blast for its attempts to induce servicemembers into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

File b897d023 b47c 447b b80e a99bff7ea8e3 Alabama News
Marshall kicks off campaign with address to Mid-Alabama Republican Club

Alabama Attorney General (AG) Steve Marshall spoke to the Mid-Alabama Republican Club on Saturday, about his accomplishments, kicking...

File a4ca16ec 213b 43fe 9075 abaed8e42034 Alabama News
Moore pushes GOP Leaders to block funding for Biden's vaccine mandate

Just this week, Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL02) joined a letter to GOP House and Senate leadership that pledges to oppose any government...

File 1e5be042 d379 49bd bd50 391f587e26fc Alabama News
Reaction to U.S. Supreme Court decision to block OSHA mandate, allow CMS mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test mandate for large, private businesses. That...

File 8c70fabb 5498 4771 9502 e80e7ecef2f9 Alabama News
Supreme Court Met Friday to Hear Vaccine Mandate Cases

  The U.S. Supreme Court meets Friday in special session to hear state challenges to President Joseph R. Biden’s (D) vaccine mandates....

File 4683bf88 8660 422b b516 8c31232f9560 Alabama News
Alabama wins another victory against vaccine mandates

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) announced his office has won another victory against President Joe Biden’s (D) vaccine...

File a35d69c3 99a8 47af 979f 2fd1038c0e30 Alabama News
Biden’s comments add confusion to vaccine mandate laws as Alabamians fight for exemptions

President Joe Biden surprised many across the political spectrum when, on the National Governors Association call Monday to discuss...

File 277ff1f0 2314 4779 ba37 f8873efcf45a Alabama News
Brooks signs amicus brief supporting SEALS lawsuit

By Brandon Moseley Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Al05) was one of 47 GOP Congressmen and Senators who joined an amicus brief supporting...

File c1416de7 df55 4a4e 938b dadb54e225e7 Alabama News
Alabama Center for Law and Liberty to appeal court's decision allowing OSHA mandate

By Brandon Moseley Friday the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a lower court ruling that had blocked President Joe Biden’s...

File ded7f66f 09c5 4e5f 8e24 977e121251d7 Alabama News
Alabama Senators vote to block Biden’s OSHA rule requiring vaccines

By Brandon Moseley The U.S. Senate voted to reject President Joseph R Biden’s (D) COVID-19 vaccine mandate for larger businesses....

File 17c34f2e 68d6 429e bd34 7eba93f4892d Alabama News
White House expected to appeal nationwide injunctions against vaccine mandate

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) announced that a federal court has granted a motion by Alabama and...

File 3131a048 acad 4ffd bae3 b354af4e89d6 Alabama News
UAB suspends COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees

By 1819 News staff UAB Medicine announced Tuesday it is suspending its vaccine mandate. The announcement came on the same day that...

File cc6da7d5 dd1e 49a2 ad5b d8d43ef41056 Alabama News
Barry Moore and over 100 House colleagues urge stop to COVID-19 mandate

By Brandon Moseley Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL02) joined over 100 other lawmakers in a letter to the Biden administration asking...

File d43702cb a026 4512 a0d8 470a3efffadd Alabama News
Alabama Representatives vote against raising the debt ceiling to temporarily fund government

  By Brandon Moseley Alabama Congressmen voted “No” on Thursday on H.R. 6119, a continuing resolution that keeps the government funded...

File 92d281aa e80e 45cb 8ebc 4bdbb589c529 Alabama News
Tuberville and Shelby officially file challenge to Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses

By Brandon Moseley Wednesday, both Sens. Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) and Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) were among the Senators to file...

File 89fcf4fa 7141 4439 a999 27e543223370 Alabama News
Alabama AG files lawsuit to block vaccine mandates on Medicare/Medicaid providers

By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall filed a lawsuit Monday against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate...

File b59647d8 63dd 498a 8ba3 c354a5339988 Alabama News
BREAKING: Lawsuit filed on behalf of United Launch Alliance employees over vaccination mandate

From 1819 News staff The Alabama Center for Law and Liberty (“ACLL”), joined by John Eastman, a founding partner with Constitutional...

File 92cb782b eef2 4abf 82bc 17f665afb06d Alabama News
Gov. Ivey joins groundbreaking for new operating rooms at Brookwood Hospital

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) was in Homewood on Wednesday to attend the groundbreaking event for Brookwood Baptist...

File e4bc1dbd 3a98 46b7 8589 cbc91c668026 Alabama News
Alabama construction company sues Biden administration over vaccine mandate

The Alabama Center for Law and Liberty (ACLL) filed a lawsuit Monday challenging the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's...

File dcd8c5fe a541 480d 9cc3 4f23a8007b6f Alabama News
ALGOP Chairman thanks legislature for passing bills opposing vaccine mandates

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl on Friday praised the Alabama Legislature for passing two bills against...

File 85b8edb6 0377 45a9 8a5a e75568bc770f Alabama News
Gov. Ivey signs vaccine mandate bills

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) on Friday signed both bills opposing with COVID-19 vaccine mandates into law. Ivey...

File 6e87292b 4d9a 49f5 b335 a179bd6f3c73 Alabama News
Brooks introduces bill to end vaccine mandates

By Brandon Moseley Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05) introduced a bill to end vaccine mandates. The Defund Federal Vaccine Mandates Act...

File e96e0769 87cf 46a6 a7bc eb87f4abf71a Alabama News
'Where is the urgency?' Marshall files challenge to private employer vaccine mandate

By Ray Melick Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed a legal challenge to block President Joe Biden’s private-employer vaccine...

File eb73c6f0 2737 4143 bf9c def7dc5e7e94 Alabama News
Legislature passes COVID mandate legislation

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Legislature passed two bills designed to provide some relief to Alabamians who are struggling to deal...

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