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Alabama political news Taylor Swift Alabama News
Allen Keller: Taylor Swift and the age of paranoia

Much has been made of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Theories vary, but the basic storyline is that Swift is some form of government asset whose purpose is to persuade football fans to vote for Biden.

Alabama political news dukes hazzard Alabama News
Allen Keller: That's not how I remember it

“The Dukes of Hazzard” just wasn’t how I remembered it. Sure, there were the chase scenes, as well as the beauty of Daisy Duke. But to say the dramatic material was lacking is like calling the criminal Boss Hogg’s morals merely questionable.

Bama Football Alabama News
Allen Keller: Let the big dog eat

Once again, Bama fans find themselves in the unknown circumstances present in Athens back in 1985.

Food Disinterest Alabama News
Allen Keller: Finding meaning in our hearts

We seem a people steeped in traditions that we no longer really understand. We go through mere motions (just as I was when eating without tasting) without sensing our activity’s true essence.

Migrants Alabama News
Allen Keller: Cultural insanity and the U.S. southern border

How far are we willing to go to prove that up isn’t down, that water is wet or air is dry, that abiding the law is better than breaking it?   

Lennon Alabama News
Allen Keller: John Lennon and the lure of the East

Thanks in part to John Lennon, New Age ideas have made advances in our culture. But we should beware of the entire story, especially if we’re to resist the lure of the East.

Poets Corner Alabama News
Allen Keller: Greetings from England, land of the Eternal Word

Whereas, France may be a kind of living museum when it comes to art and other elements of culture, nothing can compare to the Brits when it comes to the written word.

Donald Trump Alabama News
Allen Keller: Was it worth it?

It was roughly seven years ago that events began which arguably got us where we are today: a kind of geo-political crossroads some have even labeled with those terrible three words, “World War III.”

Empty Church Alabama News
Allen Keller: Of nature and vacuums

The very thing that instructed us on how to withstand not only temptation but also assault has been stripped away, leaving a postmodern emptiness.

Latin Mass Alabama News
Allen Keller: In defense of the Latin Mass

“What’s all the fuss about?” I wondered upon hearing these things. What’s so worrisome to our government about worshiping in a certain language?

Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe (4) throws against Texas Alabama News
Allen Keller: Of quarterbacks and nations

Even though a quarterback is only 1/11th of an offense, the necessity of the position and what he brings to the overall system is so much more than this.

Clean Water Alabama News
Allen Keller: Clean water from a dirty well

Many voters want better leaders, but instead of voting for this, they’re happy to be bought off by those they think will give them something.

Empty Church Alabama News
Allen Keller: America seems to be abandoning nationhood and Christianity

If we are at war against Russia because of nationhood and Christianity, as Macgregor said, then we should stop supporting the war in Ukraine. We cannot expect God to bless our country if we do otherwise.

Reign of terror Alabama News
Allen Keller: Is America heading toward a 'Reign of Terror'?

Many progressives regret that our American Revolution, tempered as it was by theistic belief and fear of concentrated power, did not go as far as the Revolution in France, which was much more secular and humanistic.

Allen Keller: Carlee Russell story a symbol of the poor leadership of our time

The Carlee Russell story seems in keeping with an overall devaluing of truth in our culture.

balance justice Alabama News
Allen Keller: A lesson in ‘Legal Fluidity’

Definitions today seem to be continually changing. Resist the lies and tell the truth; for it is the one thing that can set us free.

I Stock 1359929580 Alabama News
Confusion reigns as North Alabama UMC conference comes to close

The 2023 Conference of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church ended on Saturday. It was a much-observed event as it was unclear what direction the embattled group would take, having lost over half its membership recently due to disaffiliation by member churches over cultural issues like the church's position on homosexuality.

North Alabama Conference of FUMC Alabama News
North Alabama Conference of United Methodist Church approves resolution urging the removal of restrictions on homosexuality

By a vote of 236 to 151, the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church voted to remove language regarding restrictions on homosexuality from the Book of Discipline, its governing document. The resolution approved by The Commission on Petitions and Procedures before the meeting stated that "the current language … on human sexuality has fostered painful division."

Pastor Bart Barber, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Alabama News
Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting ends with notable achievements

The Southern Baptist Convention wrapped up its 2023 annual meeting in New Orleans this week, having handled several of the issues that had been hampering the organization for the past couple of years. 

Winding Road Alabama News
Allen Keller: A ride on County Road 91

With the winding, potholed road and dilapidated houses, consumed by vines and kudzu, it’s a journey that can easily take one back in time.

Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. Alabama News
Southern Baptist Convention votes on women’s ordination, expels two churches with women pastors

The Southern Baptist Convention, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, announced Wednesday that it has voted to uphold its Executive Committee’s previous decision to disfellowship member churches with women pastors.

Target Alabama News
Allen Keller: The perils of doing business in 'post-democratic America'

Recent developments in our corporate sector have shown a tendency for mistakes, even among our country’s presumably most capable CEOs.

Donald Trump Alabama News
Allen Keller: Returning peace to Thebes

The recent facts of the Durham report, which found literally no connection between Trump and Russia, is a perfect opportunity for the once “independent” media to rebrand itself. It should reclaim its old standards of honesty and objectivity.

Airport Alabama News
Allen Keller: The Diversion

Our flight wasn’t the only thing that’s been diverted recently. There’s conflict abroad; our borders are a mess.

Black and White Alabama News
Allen Keller: A brief history of absolutes

We must recognize that, because absolutes are absolute, we as a culture or government don’t control them. They exist separate from us. They were put there by God and are part of His nature.

Lady Justice Alabama News
Allen Keller: Lady Justice, Mother Democracy

We can resurrect these tattered maidens of democracy and justice, worn though they are. All it takes is a long, truthful look in a mirror that isn’t faulty … and a willingness to make some very tough admissions.

Monument Alabama News
Allen Keller: Grasping for history

The history of mankind is checkered with horrendous sins and shortcomings and crimes that any decent society ought to want to obliterate. But there is a danger of losing ourselves completely in a cannibalistic process.

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