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Jennifer Wolverton: It’s time to disrupt education, Alabama

I think Alabama is ready for disruption. This isn't about minor adjustments to existing curriculum, but a revolutionary shift catapulting the education of American children to a new level.

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Jennifer Wolverton: Navigating the CHOOSE Act maze

Welcome to the twisting paths of Alabama's CHOOSE Act, a law that is supposed to make choosing schools as easy as picking your favorite app on your phone.

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Jennifer Wolverton: How microschool franchises offer new paths for teachers and parents

Microschools exemplify a future where education is custom fit to every child's needs, fostering environments where curiosity, collaboration, and personal growth are paramount.

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Jennifer Wolverton: Scout's three-legged stool — a Christmas tale of educational hope

In the quaint town of Maycomb, Ala., young Scout Finch embarked on a quest not just to light up her town with holiday joy, but to kindle a flame of educational revolution.

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Jennifer Wolverton: The heroic quest for education freedom

As we navigate the intricate web of educational transformation, let us draw inspiration from these modern-day heroes. Let us be reminded that we possess the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of children and the future of education in Alabama.

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Jennifer Wolverton: ‘Give me my money back!’

We must reclaim education funding through Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) and prepare Alabama for new and exciting microschools, which are the small, flexible, high-quality education models of the future.

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Jennifer Wolverton: A futuristic look at Huntsville, the education prototype

In 2043, as the sun set over the Rocket City, its people looked back on the past two decades with pride. They transformed their community into a place where every child's dreams could take flight.