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Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, July 13, 2024

Posts by Jim 'Zig' Zeigler

Bryson1 Alabama News
National winner of 'MasterChef Junior' is 11-year-old from Opelika

12-year-old Opelika boy Bryson McGlynn won "MasterChef Junior." He wins $100,000 and the start of a culinary career.

triston harper Alabama News
'American Idol' star Triston Harper busy with song release, TV, home parade, Pow Wow, concert

Alabama's 15-year-old singer Triston Harper has an upcoming song release, TV show, home parade, Pow Wow, and concert.

William Joseph Finn Alabama News
Longtime Fultondale Police Chief Bill Finn dies at 87

Longtime Alabama police chief Bill Finn has died at 87. Unusual tribute in photos.

Adecasurplus Alabama News
State to hold online auction of surplus property May 18-26

An online auction of state surplus property starts Saturday and runs through Sunday, May 26.

Georgehdsonplace Alabama News
Watch: Mini-documentary features 98-year-old Alabama WWII Vet graduating from high school

98-year-old WWII Vet graduates from Alabama high school, Class of 2024.

Wetumpka art show Alabama News
‘Downtown Artists’: Free art show featuring over 50 artists in Wetumpka on Saturday

Wetumpka was the arts center for the southeastern United States from 1937 to 1948. This Saturday, that experience will be recreated for a day.

Sorrell Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: State Auditor Sorrell calls on fellow Eagle Scouts to stand up, stop ‘woke’ takeover of Boy Scouts

Interview with State Auditor and Eagle Scout Andrew Sorrell about the woke movement in the Boy Scouts of America.

Triston harper idol Alabama News
Great ride over for now: McIntosh’s Triston Harper eliminated in American Idol

Alabama's Triston Harper, 15, was eliminated from American Idol. The McIntosh, Alabama Choctaw Indian returns to Alabama for high school and a likely singing career.

Northern Lights Alabama News
Alabama may get final chance to see rare ‘Northern Lights’ Sunday night

Late Mother's Day show of Northern Lights is predicted in Alabama Sunday night.

Solar storm Alabama News
Alabama may get second chance to see rare ‘Northern Lights’ Saturday night

Viewing of 'Northern Lights' in Alabama could continue into Saturday night, May 11.

Birmingham Water Works Alabama News
Update: Impact spreads in Jefferson County after major water main ruptures

A major water main ruptured in Forestdale, Alabama Friday and is off. Northern Jefferson County is impacted. The biggest concern is water pressure for fire hydrants.

Solar storm northern lights Alabama News
Solar storms now through weekend could cause Northern Lights in Alabama, electrical problems

An unusual solar storm hitting this weekend could cause Northern Lights over Alabama and electrical problems.

Deborah stringfellow Alabama News
Elmore County's Deborah Stringfellow named Alabama 2024 ‘Teacher of the Year’

First of her family to graduate college, and first to graduate high school. Now, Deborah Stringfellow of Elmore County has been named Alabama Teacher of the Year.

Tristonbillboard Alabama News
American Idol Top 5 Triston Harper takes center stage back home in Alabama May 12-14

15-year-old Triston Harper of McIntosh, Alabama will compete in American Idol’s Top 5 on Sunday, May 12 at 7 p.m. on ABC. He will be feted with three events back home in Alabama.

Cecil Hootie Ingram Alabama News
Alabama says goodbye to standout player, AD ‘Hootie’ Ingram Saturday

Hootie Ingram will be laid to rest May 11 in his native Tuscaloosa. The former Alabama AD died Monday at age

Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville calls on FDIC head to resign after scathing report finds sexual misconduct, discrimination

After an independent report cited widespread abuse in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is calling on the chairman to resign.

shannon wilkerson murder Alabama News
Andalusia man found guilty in murder of pregnant soldier in Germany 23 years ago

Shannon Wilkerson of Andalusia was found guilty of 2nd degree murder of a pregnant soldier in Germany in 2001. He will be sentenced Aug. 8.

Academy1 Alabama News
‘Signing Day’ for high school students who earned jobs: Academy of Craft Training

High school studies who completed an internship in construction-related trades had a 'Signing Day.' They were awarded jobs.

Emp us Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Preventive steps in Alabama against an EMP explosion

'Grid Security' meeting about preventing an electromagnetic pulse explosion. Enterprise, May 7, 6:30 p.m. at Wiregrass Outdoors.

Tristonmay5 Alabama News
Alabama 15-year-old Triston Harper advances to Top Five in 'American Idol'; Competes again next Sunday

Alabama's Triston Harper made the Top Five in American Idol and will perform again on Sunday, May 12. He is 15 and from McIntosh.

Sen. Richard Shelby Alabama News
Former U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby turns 90 on May 6

Retired U.S. Senator Richard Shelby turns 90 years old on May 6.

Dog Alabama News
Could Mobile’s new incentives for pet adoption become a model for other Alabama cities?

Waiver of adoption fees, free dog food and a $100 gift certificate to qualified adopters at Mobile's Animal Shelter May 3-4.

Lior Alabama News
Watch: Auburn basketball’s Lior Berman play the national anthem on guitar at AU baseball game

Auburn basketball player Lior Berman performed the national anthem on guitar before the AU home baseball game.

Mackey flight Alabama News
Plane built by Gulf Shores High students has first public flight with State School Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey aboard

The first public flight of a plane built by aviation students at Gulf Shores High School carried State School Superintendent Eric Mackey.

Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville introducing ‘Repealing Big Brother Overreach Act’ against federal rule that could jail millions in small businesses

Tuberville has introduced the "Repealing Big Brother Overreach Act" to overturn a new federal rule that could bring criminal penalties to millions of business folks.

Triston sings morgan 1200x600 Alabama News
Watch Alabama’s Triston Harper advance to 'American Idol' Top 7: Next performance set for Sunday

Alabama's Triston Harper advanced to Top 7 in American Idol. Next up Sunday, May 5 at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Triston sings Jason 1200x600 Alabama News
Watch Alabama’s Triston Harper advance to Top 8 of 'American Idol'; Next round continues Monday

McIntosh Alabama's Triston Harper advances to the Top 8 of American Idol. The 15-year-old has added animated movement to his deep, mature voice.

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