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Israel/USA flags. Alabama News
Phil Williams: The right side of history

What are we to think as we watch the current happenings in the Middle East? How does an administration get so much so wrong in so short a time?

drag queen reading Alabama News
Phil Williams: Joe Camel and the drag queens

How are drag queens any different than Joe Camel selling cigarettes?

protest DEi Alabama News
Phil Williams: The DEI bloodbath

DEI still needs to DIE, and while it remains a battle in other places, I am nonetheless pleased that we are taking the high ground here in the Yellowhammer State.

Birmingham-Southern Alabama News
Phil Williams: Uncle Sugar

I hate the idea of BSC going away. But I also hate that actions should have no consequences. Bad form should not be bailed out with our tax dollars.

Alabama political news border stampede Alabama News
Phil Williams: Our southern border demands a magnificent response

We have been pushed too far. Our sovereign border demands a magnificent response.

Alabama news space camp molly bowman Alabama News
Phil Williams: That time at summer camp

Adults need to be keenly aware of who is working with their kids. We cannot simply take for granted that anyone with the name and title of “camp counselor” is automatically okay.

Alabama political news national guard Alabama News
Phil Williams: The next greatest generation

You men and women of the next generation … you guys have got this.

snowflake baby Alabama News
Phil Williams: IVF and 'snowflake babies'

Don’t throw those beautiful snowflake babies out with the bath water.

Alabama political news lemmings Alabama News
Phil Williams: Like lemmings to the pronoun sea

Someone somewhere threw some pronoun lemmings off a proverbial cliff and the left-wing world bought the lie and went with it!

Gambling Alabama News
Phil Williams: Whoopin' up on the gambling strawman

If you’re an advocate for the expansion of gambling in Alabama then just say so. But if you say one thing and vote another, then it taints the process.

Alabama political news Gina Carano Alabama News
Phil Williams: Revenge of the sacrificial lamb

A sacrificial lamb, who had been offered up to appease the gods (with a little “g”) of wokeness, just launched her revenge. 

Alabama political news gone with the wind Alabama News
Phil Williams: Saving us from ourselves

Is it possible that some of the movies we consider classics would never have been made if today’s cultural taboos were applied?  

greg abbott Alabama News
Phil Williams: Texas — a constitutional crisis, or a recipe against tyranny and invasion?

Keep your eyes on Texas. What we are seeing is a constitutional crisis of the highest order play out in the fight to defend our southern border.

Migrants Running for Border Alabama News
Phil Williams: What's a state to do?

Practically speaking, what is a state to do when its own wellbeing is threatened and D.C. won’t assist?

Dodge Challenger Alabama News
Phil Williams: The legend of the Black Ghost

Early in 1970, a black Dodge Challenger showed up. The locals began calling it the Wraith of Woodward, and eventually just called it the Black Ghost.

Peyton Manning Alabama News
Phil Williams: The opt-out is a cop-out

The idea of being with his team was all it took for one of the greatest players in football history to stay on.

COP28 Alabama News
Phil Williams: It's time for a COP-out

The United Nations' Climate Change Conference (COP) is a joke, but the COP is also serious. It is past time for the U.S. to instigate a COP-out.

WWI Truce Alabama News
Phil Williams: The Christmas truce

Christmas has a way of changing things. As surely as the history and faith of the world changed in a lowly Bethlehem manger over 2,000 years ago, there are still moments today that cannot be explained except to say that the spirit of Christmas overcame the worst of circumstances.

TP Alabama News
Phil Williams: The land of ultra soft smooth tear poo paper

The poo industry is big business in the U.S. Are we spoiled?

Baseball2 Alabama News
Phil Williams: Good sports

More than just wins and losses, sports can teach us about winning with class and losing with grace.

Nanny Alabama News
Phil Williams: Alabama ... a nanny state?

Government is not infallible. Problems often arise since government is steered by people who are fallible.

Tips Alabama News
Phil Williams: Something for nothing

Free-market economies only work when the consumer is actually free to choose what was actually freely developed and marketed. Otherwise, the market will self-correct as consumers get EV guilt tipping fatigue. 

Singing Alabama News
Phil Williams: Casinos and tone-deaf politics

Politicians need to sing to their audience, not to themselves. They need to sing (and govern) in a manner that does not look, sound, or feel like they are so tone deaf that they are missing what really matters to the people who elected them.

Palestinian Protest Alabama News
Phil Williams: Fallacious, salacious and downright contumacious

Amazingly, arguments are being bandied about by pro-Palestinian supporters that Israel is to blame for the attacks on its people, that Israel is an “apartheid state,” that Israel is an occupier of Palestine, and most egregious, that Israel is conducting genocide.

Schoolhouse Rock Alabama News
Phil Williams: Beware the new agenda-driven ‘Schoolhouse Rock’

In the middle of the animated reverie, there was a three-minute bonus that aired periodically: a cartoon ditty called “Schoolhouse Rock.” I thought it was cool, and I can still sing some of the catchy tunes today.

Childcatcher Alabama News
Phil Williams: Morals are needed for moral outrage

My wife was right: you must have actual morals before you can have moral outrage, and what I see from this current administration tells me that they don’t qualify. 

Speak Out Alabama News
Phil Williams: When the people speak up

For years, Biden said that anything Trump did was bad. He eschewed the very idea of building a wall. Lo and behold, he had an epiphany.

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