Republican candidates for Alabama's second congressional district, Caroleene Dobson and Dick Brewbaker, took a hardline stance in support of Israel following a major attack by Iran launched Saturday night.

Although Israel has been fighting with Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah for years and even more so recently since the October 2023 terrorist attacks, this is the first time Iran has launched a direct attack against Israel.

Dobson and Brewbaker called for America to stand behind its ally while they defend themselves.

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"Israel is under attack, and the Biden Administration must take swift and decisive action against Iran and its proxies," Dobson said. "We must stand firmly with the Holy Land, eradicate evil, and ensure Israel has the resources and authority to defend themselves. Bobby and I are praying."

Brewbaker said Israel would be justified in direct retaliation against Iran.

"Iran has long been a state sponsor of terrorism around the world, including support for Hamas," he said. "Israel is justified in taking any action necessary for its own security, including direct strikes on Iran. The United States is morally obligated to support Israel as they fight for their survival."

Iran fired more than 200 drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles at Israel, most of which were intercepted outside Israeli airspace by the Israeli Air Force, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Naval Aircraft, and assets, along with aircraft from the United Kingdom.

This attack also comes just weeks after the Biden administration again decided to renew another Iran sanctions waiver.

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The Secure Community Network (SCN) told 1819 News that synagogues should stay open and operational, be vigilant, and review all security protocols.

"In this moment of escalating international tension, the lights are blinking bright red, and they are blinking fast," SCN stated. "The Jewish community across North America is facing unprecedented antisemitism and a heightened threat landscape and we must increase our vigilance to protect the community."

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