A report released Wednesday shows Republican legislators in each of Alabama's neighboring states — Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida — supported more pro-growth policies than Alabama Republican legislators did in 2021.

The report, published by the Club for Growth Foundation, gave each state legislator a rating between 0% and 100%.

Alabama Senate Republicans averaged 27%, while Republicans in the House averaged 28%.

Republicans in each neighboring state averaged higher than Alabama. Those numbers are listed below.

Average Score for Republicans (State Senate)

Georgia: 73%

Florida (2020 Average, 2021 unavailable): 72%

Tennessee: 44%

Mississippi: 28%

Alabama: 27%

Average Score for Republicans (State House)

Florida (2020 Average, 2021 unavailable): 86%

Georgia: 68%

Tennessee: 50%

Mississippi: 34%

Alabama: 28%

Club for Growth Foundation's grades are based on how legislators supported "pro-growth" policies such as reducing income taxes, supporting school choice, deregulation and reducing government spending.

In 2021, the Republican-dominated Alabama legislature passed two record-setting budgets. They also opposed every school choice measure that was brought forth and failed to pass any meaningful income tax cuts. Most of the debate, instead, was reserved for the gambling issue and passing medical marijuana.

Alabama's scores in 2021 are slightly higher than they were in 2020 when Senate Republicans averaged 21% and House Republicans averaged 15%.

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