The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) held a record-breaking fundraising event last week as hundreds turned out to the annual Winter Dinner to hear Florida Gov. Ron Desantis speak.

Over 1,700 people packed into the Finley Center in Hoover on Thursday for the event, which had to be moved from the Birmingham Sheraton to accommodate the large crowd.

"The 2023 Winter Dinner was an exciting event, both for the Republican Party and the state of Alabama. I am thankful to have had so many wonderful guests join us," Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said. "I think this was the perfect opportunity for Governor DeSantis to get to know Alabama a little better, and also for our state to meet one of America's strongest conservative leaders, and someone that I think is going to be a central figure within the Republican Party for years to come."

In his speech, Desantis laid out his "Florida Blueprint" plan that covered topics such as school choice, protecting children from woke ideology, and promoting "common sense" conservative values.

Along with the record attendance that night, the ALGOP grossed $700,000 in fundraising. The previous record was set during the 2011 Summer Dinner when former Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Birmingham.

"I am excited about getting the 2024 election cycle started with such a successful event," Wahl said. "It's important for the party to have the resources and organization we need to challenge leftist candidates and policies both here in Alabama and in swing districts across the country. The Alabama Republican Party is ready to stand strong as we defend our rights and freedoms and protect the values that made this nation great."

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