After a months-long hiatus, AL(dot)com’s political cartoonist J.D. Crowe has returned to his duties with a sexist cartoon aimed at criticizing U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) for endorsing Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

The cartoon depicts a caricature of Britt in a short skirt kneeling behind Trump as she, with comically large lips, kisses his lower backside with a thought bubble over her head, reading, “I am a strong woman … with values!”

Trump is shown bending over and saying, “I knew that ‘dictator’ line would win her over,” ostensibly referring to a joke Trump made during a recent Fox News town hall.

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“That’s all Katie Britt needed to hear,” Crowe wrote, commenting on his drawing. “Next thing you know, Alabama’s newest U.S. Senator is endorsing the hell out of Trump. Who knew Britt had a thing for treasonous wanna-be dictators?”

Crowe, who took five months off from cartooning after 1819 News reported on his apparent obsession with the KKK, implied in his most recent cartoon that Britt may be “returning the favor” to Trump for his endorsement in 2022.

Crowe also drew a cartoon to lampoon Britt on that occasion.


As a member of the Republican Advisory Council, Britt said in January she would abstain from endorsing any candidate in the GOP primary. However, she apparently changed her mind and officially endorsed Trump in a recent op-ed in Yellowhammer News.

“As the American people have heard from the candidates and continuously borne the brunt of the Biden agenda, they have been further and further reminded of the brighter days of the Trump Administration – and now they're more energized than ever to make the one choice they know can ensure that those days return,” Britt wrote in the piece.

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