MONTGOMERY — The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) held its summer meeting of its State Executive Committee on Saturday, where it passed a number of resolutions.

Among those was the Presidential Preference Primary Resolution, which details how Alabama's presidential delegates will be allocated for the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Delegates are members of political parties designated to support party candidates based on votes in a primary election.

Alabama will have 50 total delegates to the Republican National Convention (RNC). ALGOP's three members of the Republican National Committee are chairman John Wahl, national committeewoman Vicki Drummond and national committeeman Paul Reynolds. Alabama will also have 26 statewide at-large delegates and 21 delegates allocated by congressional district.

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Rules for delegate assignment include:

  • A candidate must receive a minimum of 20% of the vote on either the statewide or congressional district level to be awarded any delegates.

  • The 26 statewide at-large Republican delegates will be awarded to the first-place candidate if that candidate receives over 50% of the vote in the state's Super Tuesday primary.

  • There will be three delegates from each of the state's seven congressional districts, for a total of 21 delegates.

  • The congressional district delegates will also be awarded to the first-place candidate that receives over 50% of the vote in each of the congressional districts.

  • If no candidate receives over 50% at either the statewide or the congressional district level, the delegates will be awarded proportionally based on primary election results.

ALGOP will select the delegates and alternates before the RNC's delegate certification deadline on June 10, 2024.

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