After the recent guilty pleading and resignation of State Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) is calling out “corruption” in the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Rogers had agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice in connection with the scheme to defraud the Jefferson County Community Service Fund.

In February 2024, Rogers’ former assistant and companion, Varrie Johnson Kindall, pleaded guilty to conspiring with Rogers and former State Rep. Fred L. Plump, Jr. to defraud the Fund. Plump also pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges in June 2023 and resigned from the Alabama House of Representatives.

In response to the recent pleading, ALGOP and Jefferson County leadership are highlighting the recent slew of Democratic arrests and convictions in the area.

In addition to Plump and Rogers, ALGOP also pointed to Jefferson County Circuit Judge Tracie Todd, who resigned in November 2023 after being twice removed from the bench and resigned after being convicted of violating judicial ethics.

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"The mounting concerns over corruption within the Jefferson County Democrat Party are incredibly troubling,” said ALGOP chairman John Wahl. “The people of Jefferson County deserve ethical and accountable leadership from their elected officials. The Alabama Republican Party is committed to fostering a government that truly serves the people they represent, not their own personal interests. It's time to put the people first in Jefferson County. I am proud of the work our county Republican Party is doing to build relationships and trust within the diverse communities of Jefferson County and ensure we stand for the rights and freedoms of each individual.”

Jefferson County Republican Party chairman Chris Brown also expressed displeasure at the state of affairs with Jefferson County Democrats, saying they had become “synonymous with corruption and incompetence.”

"This is the third Jefferson County Democrat elected official who was removed from office in less than a year and I suspect this won’t be the last,” Brown said. “The Democrats in our County have become synonymous with corruption and incompetence. This November, the contrast will not be clearer: Republicans who will represent us with ethical integrity or Democrats who will continue their track record of lining their own pockets against the people’s best interests.”

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