The Autauga County Board of Education recently responded to reports from 1819 News that showed a 10th-grade assignment at Prattville High School (PHS) asking students questions about their sex, gender and sexual orientation.

On Thursday, 1819 News reported on a 10th-grade PHS teacher who issued a graded assignment to her students in October 2022, asking them to identify their gender, sex, sexual orientation, body size, religious affiliation and more.

In a Facebook post, the Autauga County Board of Education (ACBOE) denounced the assignment, saying it was not a part of the curriculum approved by the ACBOE.

“We were made aware *this week of an English assignment that was given to a 10th grade English class at the end of October,” the ACBOE said in a statement. “The assignment did not correlate with ALCOS [Alabama Course of Study] standards or the textbook that was adopted by the Autauga County Board of Education. All teachers are expected to follow the state approved standards and all classroom assignments are expected to be based upon those standards.”

Despite multiple attempts over several days, PHS Principal Daniel Farris did not respond to inquiries from 1819 News before the original story ran.

Autauga County Superintendent Tim Tidmore responded on Tuesday but did not comment on the teaching material.

ACBOE did not state if the teacher received any disciplinary actions or if anything was being done to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

“Any concerns that we are made aware of, are promptly investigated and dealt with accordingly,” The statement continued. “Should you have any questions about particular assignments, please contact your child’s administrator as soon as those concerns arise. Thank you for your continued support of Autauga County Schools.”

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