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Danial Forman Alabama News
Former Prattville High School football coach enters guilty plea in case involving sexual contact with student, receives probation

A former Prattville High School teacher and football coach has pleaded guilty to second-degree assault after being accused of having sexual contact with an unnamed 18-year-old female student.

Autauga County Superintendent Tim Tidmore. Alabama News
Autauga County parents denied opportunity to speak at school board meeting after Prattville High, Junior High incidents

Parents and concerned citizens came to an Autauga County Board of Education meeting to have their concerns heard, only to be herded outside as the board called in an executive session.

Classroom Mche Lee unsplash com Alabama News
Prattville High School parents not notified after student allegedly performed lewd sexual act in classroom during class

A Prattville High School student allegedly began performing a sexual act on himself in the middle of English class and was allowed to continue for nearly 10 minutes before staff intervened.

PHS assignment 1. Alabama News
Autauga Co. BoE: Prattville High assignment on privilege, gender, sexual orientation did not 'correlate' with standards — 'Teachers are expected to follow the state approved standards'

The Autauga County Board of Education recently responded to reports from 1819 News that showed a 10th-grade assignment at Prattville High School (PHS) asking students questions about their sex, gender and sexual orientation.

Prattville High School Alabama News
Prattville High School assignment questions students about 'privilege' and 'oppression' based on sexual orientation, gender, body size, religion

A 10th-grade Prattville High School teacher reportedly issued a graded assignment to her students, asking students to identify their gender, sex, sexual orientation, body size, religious affiliation and more.