Following terrorist attacks in Israel, the U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) responded to the attacks in Israel Saturday by urging Congress to act.

"Fifty years ago to the day, Israel was attacked in the Yom Kippur War," USIEA CEO and founder Heather Johnson said. "This morning Israelis woke up, yet again, to an unprovoked attack on its right to exist. Thousands of rockets have been launched into southern Israel by the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. Hamas militants have crossed the border terrorizing Israeli towns. It is reported that more than a hundred Israelis are dead, thousands injured, and dozens taken hostage."

The attack near the Gaza Strip was launched on Simchat Torah, a Jewish holiday, and at least 200 were killed.

Israel fought back, killing around 198 Palestinians.

The USIEA, a nonprofit based out of Birmingham, voiced support for any counterattacks and called on Congress to provide support.

"The United States should offer continuing military and diplomatic support as long as it takes for Israel to carry out the necessary operations to destroy these terrorist networks," Johnson continued. "In a year of extreme internal tension and division in Israel, it is noteworthy that all sides of the government have come together and unified over this attack. Statements of support have poured out from opposition leaders and have called on all IDF soldiers and reservists to report for duty."

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The USIEA's mission is to help improve U.S.-Israel relations by fostering educational discussions with American and Israeli bipartisan government leaders and industry experts. The group works closely with members of Congress and encourages U.S.-Israel collaboration.

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