Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl on Wednesday sounded off about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel over the weekend, which saw thousands of rockets fired into Israeli territory. The attack reportedly killed at least 1,300 Israelis and wounded over 3,000 others. 

During an interview on Outkick's "Don't @ Me! with Dan Dakich," Pearl, a staunch supporter of Israel given his Jewish heritage, likened Hamas' killing of over 1,000 Jews to the Holocaust of World War II.

"[B]ased on what happened on Simchat Torah, this last Saturday on Shabbat, where a thousand Jews were murdered because they're Jewish - men, women, children - we haven't had that many Jews killed and murdered since the Holocaust," Pearl lamented. "This is a Holocaust. This is a crime."

"And right now, what's about to take place has nothing to do with revenge. This is not about revenge. What Israel must do now has nothing to do with revenge. It's about survival," he added.

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The coach ripped former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden for their policies to fund Iran and praised former President Donald Trump for cutting off Iranian funding.

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"What's happened now is they've emboldened them, they've empowered them, and they've enriched them. And they've given them the money, so yes, these policies by Obama and now Biden have actually just really quite frankly created the crap that we've got in this world in foreign policy," Pearl outlined.

He added, "Right now ... not since World War II has this world ever been this, you know, this dangerous."

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