The Pell City Police Department said a “copycat” case concerning a death notebook in school has led to the expulsion of a sixth-grade student.

The notebook, which appears to be based on an anime TV series, was found at Williams Intermediate School. The school notified police, and the student was immediately suspended. The student has now been expelled.

The notebook was discovered after a similar case at Hewitt-Trussville High School was highly publicized. In that case, the principal and superintendent were put on leave after authorities said police were not notified until nearly a year after the notebook was found. In the Trussville case, police said they were only told about the notebook after the same student made verbal threats this year.

Calera Police also investigated a death notebook. Authorities said the notebooks have names of people in them with methods of death. In the TV series, a high school student finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone listed in the notebook. 

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