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Rush Propst Alabama News
Pell City School Board fails to remove embattled head football coach Rush Propst

The Pell City School Board attempted but ultimately failed to remove Pell City High School football coach Rush Propst on Wednesday.

Rushpropst Alabama News
Rush Propst hired as the head football coach at Pell City High

Rush Propst called an audible, leaving Coosa Christian, where he had been since January, to take over the football program at Pell City High.

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'Copycat' death notebook found at elementary school in Pell City

The Pell City Police Department said a “copycat” case concerning a death notebook in school has led to the expulsion of a sixth-grade student.

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Candidates for Senate, Auditor and Secretary of State address Republican Party group

The St. Clair County Courthouse was packed Thursday for the St. Clair County Republican Party meeting, where three candidates showed...

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St. Clair County residents to vote on property tax increases for schools

By Terry Schrimscher Voters in St. Clair County will head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 16, to consider proposed property tax increases...