Since the late Smiths Station Mayor Fred "Bubba" Copeland killed himself last Friday following reports of his transgender alter ego, left-wing media outlets and public officials have jumped to defend his behavior, often leaving out key details in the process.

On Monday, political commentator for The Daily Wire Matt Walsh called out those blaming conservatives — and 1819 News in particular — for Copeland's suicide.

"Bubba Copeland was a deeply troubled man. Also, Copeland's last act was a choice that he made, the wrong choice, but a choice all the same," Walsh began during the final segment of his Monday show.

He said many in the media were using "carefully crafted euphemisms" to help Copeland avoid any responsibility for his actions that led to him choosing to take his own life.

"In our culture, which has long jettisoned any sense of objective truth or morality, Copeland is not seen as accountable for any of this," Walsh said. "Instead, pretty much without exception, the left is blaming conservatives for this man's death, in particular a small, conservative news outlet in Alabama called 1819 News."

Walsh discussed the recent reports published by 1819 News that detailed public social media posts made by Copeland containing images of him in women's clothing and altered images of local teens being encouraged to medically transition. Copeland posted the images publicly to various websites under his "transgender curvy girl" alter ego, Brittini Blaire Summerlin.

"These were not photos from decades ago," Walsh said. "They were live on the internet at the time that 1819 News began investigating."

Copeland also wrote and published violent fiction in which he murdered a real-life local businesswoman and stole her identity.

"It was not a fictional person. He was openly fantasizing about killing a female constituent and taking her identity," Walsh said. "This is the mayor of the town, just to emphasize."

Walsh continued: "It's important to underscore that he uploaded all this material voluntarily to the internet while he was serving as mayor, and since everything that a public official uploads to the internet is newsworthy, especially when it's perverted and depraved, that's an important fact to highlight."

Walsh listed the reactions of former U.S. Sen. Doug Jones and AL(dot)com editor Jeremy Gray, along with national news outlets that framed Copeland as a beloved member of the community while downplaying the content of his double life.

"They're acting like someone hacked his hard drive or wire taped his phone calls when, in fact, what happened was that a website looked at material that Copeland himself had posted publicly for everyone to see," Walsh said. "But this notion that Copeland was 'outed' somehow became the framing of every major news outlet and prominent politician. They're all pretending like Bubba Copeland was an innocent victim, a paragon of the community."

He continued: "For years we've been told with a straight face to believe a lie that men with this very obvious fetish are in fact women simply by virtue of the fact that they have this fetish. They've repeated this lie over and over again with maximum sincerity as if it's gospel. But lies that are this grandiose and this absurd inevitably break down. They're not sustainable. One way or another at some point, liars like this must admit the truth, if only by accident, and with the suicide of Bubba Copeland, that's exactly what's happened. The trans movement stands for the idea that a woman is someone who wears his wife's clothes for fun and uploads some photos on Reddit to arouse himself and quote 'blow off some steam,' as Copeland said. That's the extent of the trans ideology's definition of womanhood."

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