While life has returned to normal for many people following the COVID-19 pandemic, others still bear the scars of disruption and loss inflicted by the lockdowns and oppressive mandates.

Dr. Stewart Tankersley, a former member of the Alabama Ethics Commission and the current co-founder and co-executive director of Concerned Doctors, has been on a mission to let people know just how damaging the decisions made in response to COVID have been and to hold those companies and government officials accountable. 

He appeared on a recent episode of "1819 News: The Podcast" to discuss more troubling evidence about the COVID-19 vaccine and how the World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to seize even more power over people's lives during the next outbreak.

"If we don't stand up against this thing the WHO is looking to do in May, there are no freedoms," Tankersley said, referring to the WHO's upcoming vote to expand its control over the governments of each member country.

He referred to a recent interview between Dr. Brett Weinstein and Tucker Carlson, where they went into WHO's plans in more depth.

"Whether it's taking the jab that is poisonous or whether it is you can no longer go out of your house, you're going the be locked in your home," he continued. "They could declare, for example, climate change as an emergency, and, as a result of that, no more driving your car. If you didn't wake up to the abuses in COVID, that was a teaser because what they're planning for us is not for freedom."

Tankersley said that while life may have returned to normal for some people after the pandemic, people must not forget how the government took their freedoms in the name of public health and to send a message that  it will "never be tolerated again."

"The classical definition of freedom is the ability to put responsible constraints on yourself," he explained. "... Something's got to change for the first time in our country's history where people who have done such evil are held to account. That is love; that's what love looks like." 

Tankersley said the "excess deaths" and excess disability claims from the pandemic and vaccine mandates were "undeniable," but the "biggest mule in the state, the hospital association, and State Health Officer have downplayed the data while pushing the vaccines on children. 

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Tankersley encouraged local leaders to get involved and call out issues when they see them.

"The people that determine right and implement the rules to benefit themselves is the problem," he said. "...The county coroner or the medical examiner for the county should be the person that should have been ringing the alarm bells about this. And if they're not going to do it, then the city councilman or county commissioner ought to be forcing them to and calling them to account and getting rid of them if they're not… The leadership in our state is so void of responsibility, it seems like."

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