On Saturday, parents across the country will gather at local libraries to read patriotic and faith-based books to their kids as part of Kirk Cameron’s “See You at the Library" book reading event.

The event at Madison Public Library hosted by the Moms for Liberty chapter in Madison County is expected to draw over 350 attendees, but it’s also attracted a group of far-left protesters planning to hold an event of their own at the same time across the street.

The protest is being spearheaded by TikTok influencer Lindsay Booker, better known as Bhambluedot, who has been encouraging her followers to show up to protest Cameron’s new book “As You Grow” and to hand out books such as “Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.”

Since announcing her “book giveaway,” Booker said she’s received enough donations to purchase over 100 copies of “All Are Welcome” to hand out to teachers as well.

Booker also gave recommendations for protest sign slogans like “Moms against Moms for Liberty,” “Hey Lunatics! Stop terrorizing our educators,” and “Moms for Liberty Shut the F*** Up.”

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Emily Jones, chair of the Madison County Moms for Liberty chapter, told 1819 News she was aware of the opposition to the event but she tried to remain focused on what’s important.

“In all honesty, I don’t pay attention to any of that,” she said. “It’s just noise, and it’s a distraction from what my focus is.”

Jones said, with Cameron and Riley Gaines attending, the library had some concerns about being able to handle the larger-than-expected crowd. Madison police chief Johnny Gandy also reached out to Jones about possibly moving the event to a larger or private venue for security reasons, she said.

“He did say that, from a police standpoint, that they were aware that that group [of protestors] was coming and they were working to kind of put plans in place on how to keep everybody safe,” Jones said. “...I had said that we may possibly need to move outside just because of capacity, and he said if you really want to be outside, then you need to not use the public library because I cannot make protestors leave public space.”

Jones said she talked it over with her organization and decided not to move the event, though now she’s concerned they may be forced to find another location.

“See You at the Library" will start at 10 a.m. and include book readings, prayer, singing and fellowship.

“Should be fun,” Jones said, “other than having protests from some TikTok person that I don’t know.”

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