MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey signed into law “Parents’ Right to Know” legislation on Thursday. 

The law requires public pre-K-12 schools to post the curricula used in each classroom on the school website at the beginning of each school year or within 30 calendar days after adopting a new or revised curriculum.

The posting will be verified by the local superintendent of education and local board of education, according to the legislation. State Rep. Matt Woods (R-Jasper) and State Sen. Pro-Tem Greg Reed (R-Jasper) sponsored the legislation.

The law would also require each classroom teacher, upon request, to allow the parent of a child enrolled in the class to examine all instructional and supplemental materials and books available to students in the classroom. A parent may file a complaint with the local superintendent if a classroom teacher does not comply. If not resolved within 10 school days, the parent may file a complaint with the state superintendent.

“Parents’ involvement is critical in a student’s education, and in Alabama, we know that nobody knows what is best for their children than our moms and dads," Ivey said. "I am proud to sign this commonsense legislation by Pro Tem Reed to ensure our parents know what is being taught in our schools. Parent-teacher collaboration is important, and SB48 will help us take another step to support them."

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