The city of Gulf Shores announced that Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville will be part of a new, large development for the Legendary Marina & Yacht Club.

“It was an exciting day for not only Legendary Marina & Yacht Club but also the city of Gulf Shores, as this development will eventually become ‘the Town Center of Gulf Shores, including a festive marketplace and entertainment center anchored with a wet and dry marine complex,” said Peter Bos, CEO and founder of Legendary Marina and Yacht Club.

Gulf Shores is also home to Buffett’s sister’s Lulu’s restaurant.

Locals told 1819 News they are excited about the new restaurant and hope for its success.

“I hope I can get a chance to go,” said Whitney Russell. “It will be a new and fun experience.”

“When Jimmy Buffett came and played a few years ago at The Wharf, it would have made the restaurant practically impossible to get into, but now that he is no longer here, people aren’t going to flock to his franchised restaurant more than any other in the area,” Candice Kilgo said. “It’s just going to add to the places to go eat that already exist here locally. Of course, every new restaurant gets lots of business in the tourist seasons, but it will come down to the management and the employees as to whether or not they stay busy.”

The music legend passed away in September after a battle with skin cancer.

The new development is expected to open in 2024.

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