Immigration enforcement and quality of education have seemingly reached historic new lows under the Biden administration.

Regarding the first, the federal government is granted power over immigration, a logical part of naturalization, under Article I of the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, the current administration appears to be purposely and miserably failing to execute most of our country’s legitimate laws in this area.

At the same time, however, they are actively using our completely illegitimate Department of Education to destroy our freedom and equal rights through the miseducation of our children, for federal power over education is not granted under any Article of the Constitution. It is reserved to the states and to the people under the 10th Amendment.

The U.S. Department of Education seems intent upon confusing our children, making them falsely believe they can choose whether to be a man or a woman, and encouraging and helping them permanently mutilate their bodies through “sex-change” surgery. It also seems eager to make them believe in the manmade nature of climate change and other propaganda-like issues.

At the same time, our schools are doing a very poor job of teaching children to read and write, to solve math problems, and to understand the basic principles of real science. Our government schools have done a poor job of educating black children for years, but now that poor job is spreading to all children. Far too many students graduating from high school are poorly prepared for jobs that require literacy, reasoning, or technical adaptability. Many are not prepared for the next level of education.

According to the Nation’s Report Card, Alabama ranks 39 in reading and 40 in math among fourth-grade students in 2022 rankings. This is a slight improvement from 2019, when Alabama fourth-graders ranked 52 in math and 49 in reading, but it is not good enough.

Alabama must do better. We only get one opportunity to get the education of a child right. In my opinion, putting more money in education will not solve the problem.

Many of the Marxist-liberal Democrats supporting Biden’s policies on immigration and education are from the same class of rich and powerful elites who owned slave plantations, fought the Civil War to try to save slavery, purposely built hatred against black men by falsely accusing and lynching them without trial, and have done everything else they can to divide Americans by race to control and manipulate us. It seems that they and their Chamber of Commerce would rather keep poorly-educated Americans on welfare, food stamps, and under government control.

As Alabamians, we must advocate for better education in government schools and promote parental rights through school choice and private initiatives to educate our children. We cannot have the UNTAPPED POTENTIAL of our youth go to waste.

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