The Moms for Liberty event featuring Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines is officially back on at the Madison Public Library.

The library canceled the "See You at the Library" event Wednesday, citing capacity issues and security concerns.

First Liberty Institute, the law firm representing Cameron and his publisher Brave Books, requested the library to reverse its decision, which the Institute said was a clear case of "religious discrimination."

Emily Jones, chair of the Madison County Moms for Liberty chapter, told 1819 News on Friday the library had now agreed to let them host the event but limited it to 225 people.

Anyone who arrives after the cut-off will be directed to a secondary location at a nearby church, Jones said. Cameron and Gaines will visit the church after reading at the library, and there will be activities there for kids to enjoy while they wait.

"I'm glad our elected officials decided to do the right thing and allow freedom of speech," Jones said. "I think it's a great day to be an American."

Another group is expected to gather near the library Saturday to protest the event.

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