New details were revealed Friday in the May Day shooting that left three dead and 16 injured in Baldwin County.

In a court filing, District Judge William Scully ruled Mack Arthur Adams III must stay in jail with no bond under Aniah’s Law.

Adams is one of three people charged in connection to the May 11 shooting at a large annual block party in Stockton.

Prosecutors said Adams and his friend Robert Brown walked up to Michael Anderson and Michkel Jones and opened fire because Brown got into a fight with one or more of Jones’ associates and suffered injuries to the head and eye.

During the hearing, the judge heard that Brown showed his girlfriend and her mother his pistol and told them to go home because he was upset he had the injuries.

Investigators believe Adams and Brown were in a rival gang of Anderson and Jones’ gang.

Anderson was shot and killed. Jones was shot four times but survived. An innocent bystander, Chaquita Ewing, was struck by a bullet and killed. Witnesses said she fell to the ground instantly.

Brown was charged with first-degree assault related to the shooting.

Tyquan French was charged with intentional murder in the shooting death of Christian Bradley at the event and was also denied bond.

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