They were for it. Then, they reconsidered it. Then, they delayed a vote on declaring September as American Christian Heritage Month until their next meeting in two weeks.

And that was all in just one Montgomery City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The American Christian Heritage Month resolution is sponsored by outgoing Councilman Brantley Lyons, who didn't run for re-election in 2023. The resolution initially passed by a 6-3 margin on Tuesday. The council later narrowly passed a motion to reconsider with five votes and tabled a vote on the resolution with possible amendments at their next meeting. 

A city attorney advised the council against passing the resolution because it possibly opened up a precedent for other groups to request their flags be featured on city property.

"I know we're all Christians and we all want to be supportive of the Christian flag, but we've got a bigger problem than that and we don't want to get ourselves in a situation where we've got legal issues we've got to deal with," Council president Charles Jinright said at the meeting. 

Supporters asked why it was okay for a gay pride flag to be flown on city property but not the Christian flag.

"I understand that some people are concerned that if you allow this flag do we have to allow a lot  of other flags, but I would say that the reason why I am here is because it is already open. I'm here asking for the same rights and considerations as other citizens to be able to voice our feeling for the Christian flag also," William Green said at the meeting. "It's not a new issue. We're not opening up. All we're doing is coming in behind what's already been set."

"The precedent has already been set for flags flying and all we're asking for as citizens and Christians is to be able to fly our flag to be able to be given the same consideration," he continued. "We came two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago before the elections and you all said you were going to vote for it today so I would appreciate if you all would go ahead and vote today so that we can at least get the last two weeks of this month. We're asking for September. If you don't do it now then of course it will be next year so we'd at least like to get in the last two weeks of this month." 

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