Much of the planet is holding its breath waiting for the next move in the war in Israel and wondering if it will spiral out of control into a wider regional war. Despite the best efforts of propagandists in politics and the press to whitewash the unholy terror Hamas rained down on unsuspecting Israeli civilians, much of the world’s population is also stunned by the blatant unbridled antisemitism rearing its ugly head in cities, college campuses, and media around the world. Thankfully, more than a few people are calling out these cold heartless drones condoning and even endorsing murder, rape, and torture of innocent women and children.

There should be no hesitation in condemning the Hamas animals who were apparently hopped up on drugs for their indisputable brutality and cruelty, but for too many around the globe these heinous acts are not clear-cut terrorism. Of course, radical Jihadists cheer wanton blood lust and misguided Palestinian sympathizers try to excuse the riotous massacre, but too many people around the globe are having great anxiety about just making a choice between maliciousness and innocence. The choice is quite simply between good and evil.

Oh, but to even declare a binary world of good and evil makes global elites and leftists foam at the mouth decrying any mention of morality. The world hates black and white assessments insisting everything is grey because they embrace relativism – that amorphous space where anything can be rationalized. They assert morality is individual and pliable, so any rigid concept of right and wrong is oppressive. It’s a cynical ruse to give the wicked license to excuse their depredations and enslave their people.

At its core, man just wants to do what he sees best in his own eyes without being encumbered or obstructed by the universal axioms of a higher power; or in short, the world rejects God. They reject His commandments and ultimately His love just so they can pursue their own selfish desires.

The Israelites are God’s chosen people, but it’s not really about Israel; it’s about God! Totalitarian ideologies and regimes covet irresistible undisputed power, so they disdain any competition for the allegiance of the masses. They demand complete fealty from their subjects, so they deem any faith in and obedience to God as insolence or insurrection. It must be crushed and eradicated. Godless governments seek supremacy, so God by His mere existence as the Creator and ultimate authority in the universe is a natural threat.

Communists are conveniently atheists, so they simply deny the existence of God and try to rule in a moral vacuum. For them, the state holds all authority and grants any rights, so the government is the only god the people should obey and even worship. Islam rejects God by worshipping a false god, so they have eternal enmity with God and thereby embrace the opposite of good, evil. That’s why Islam advocates the slaughter of innocents or anyone that does not worship their false god – the great deceiver as described in the Quran.

Those that deny or reject God are easily recognizable and therefore can easily be counted as the enemies of freedom and basic human rights; they can be countered. More problematic are the multitudes that avoid or ignore God. Agnostics or moderates claiming enlightenment will say they see both sides and will inevitably discount evil and thereby demand we compromise with evil or tolerate it. By rationalizing such despicable acts as the recent Hamas terror attack, they give evil cover and cede fertile fields for those that deny or reject God to sow more hate and facilitate yet more terror.

Evil will always exist, but the greatest danger to free people are the so-called moderates that refuse to acknowledge or choose between good and evil. While most are unsuspecting, it is among the cowardly or undecided where Satan makes his greatest gains. He simply wants mankind to be separated from God and operate outside His commandments; that’s where evil thrives and that’s where we are.

As the drama in Israel unfolds and the memory of the callous carnage by Hamas is obscured, the world powers will work against Israel demanding first proportionality which means they should not defend themselves much less seek victory and then insist Israel relents to again try coexistence with evil. However, the world’s motives are not for peace, but rather for accommodation with evil so world powers can continue to sidestep God and follow their own nefarious pursuits.

Israel is ground zero for this spiritual struggle, but really this is just the world rejecting God. This is the time for choosing. Either you are with God and goodness, or anything less is standing with Satan and accepting evil. Pray the people of the planet seek God!

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.”  John 15:18 

Pete Riehm is a conservative activist and columnist in south Alabama.  Email him at or read all his columns at

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