Have you noticed that when the left disagrees with a conservative view they can’t just simply disagree? Their primary tactic is first to rebrand and then vilify. Saul Alinsky would be proud to know that number 12 of his “Rules for Radicals” is still actively in use: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.” 

In February, National Public Radio (NPR), that uber-liberal public media outlet funded with your tax dollars, ran a story making the audacious, salacious, and somewhat contumacious claim that “more than half of Republicans support Christian nationalism.” You mean there are people out there who believe in Jesus and love America?! Say it ain’t so! 

NPR went on to describe so-called Christian Nationalism as a fringe viewpoint in American politics, particularly in the GOP. NPR’s screeching piece on the ills of being a so-called Christian Nationalist stated that the adherents of Christian Nationalism would supposedly go to great lengths to impose their vision of the country on others. 

Hogwash. I love Jesus, and I believe that He is Lord. I also love the United States of America, and I believe that it is the greatest country on the face of the earth. I believe in the Bible, and I support and defend the Constitution. The screechers will tell you that you can’t mix politics with faith. I would reply that my faith cannot be separated from me, and if I am in politics, my faith naturally goes with me.

The beauty of Christianity is that it is a freely made choice in both heart and mind. People can choose not to believe. Likewise, folks don’t have to love this country. The Constitution guarantees me the right to believe what I believe and to say so. 

I find no disparity in the idea that I can love the Lord and love my country, and because I love the Lord, I want my country to know Him like I do. It’s really as simple as that, and if that makes me a “Christian Nationalist,” then I’ll wear that t-shirt every day of the week. 

But the same knuckleheads who conjure up the ridiculous narrative that loving the Lord and loving America makes us dangerous are actually moving forward, intending to rebrand and polarize in Alinsky-like fashion. There is an assault on Christian patriots right now. 

Progressives at the Center for American Progress published a 2022 piece labeling Christian Nationalism as the single greatest threat to America’s religious freedom. Their tedious screed claimed that Christian Nationalists seek to undermine democracy and make America a nation for Christians only, which could lead to violence and discrimination. 

I’ll be honest: I’ve never met a Christian who believes that. Not one. I’ve met plenty who, like me, pray for revival. But never a soul that said, “America is for Christians only.” Nonetheless, the progressive left is determined that Christians who love America are somehow the problem. 

In February, the nationally known Brookings Institution hosted a forum on the threat of White Christian Nationalism. Oh, now it’s racial too! Describing the forum Brookings stated, “The rising influence of white Christian nationalism in some circles of American politics is posing a major threat to the health of our democracy and culture.” Just. Wow. 

The left will not be content until they eradicate your deeply held beliefs in God and country, and I believe the day is coming when we must be prepared to take a stand. 

Look at what is happening in the highly westernized newest NATO ally, Finland. A respected member of Finland’s Parliament, 62-year-old Päivi Räsänen, a medical doctor and grandmother of seven, is facing criminal legal action for the heinous offense of quoting Bible verses in her social media posts. Finnish prosecutors have cited her for hate speech related to a 2019 tweet in which Räsänen questioned her church’s sponsorship of an LGBTQ pride event. In doing so, she cited Romans 1:24-27, which speaks of homosexuality and states that “they exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” 

When the charges against her were made public, the Finnish state prosecutor said that Räsänen’s comments were made to cause intolerance, contempt, and hatred toward homosexuals. But Räsänen has kept a great attitude, expressing her desire to stand up against this “in all necessary courts.” In her words, “If writings based on biblical teachings were to be condemned, that would mean a serious restriction of freedom of religion. It is natural that this would raise concern among Christians both in Finland and internationally.” 

Don’t discount Räsänen’s charges as a Finland-only thing. This is America, but the same America where your tax dollars paid for the NPR attack on so-called Christian Nationalism and where FBI internal memos recently directed a strong investigative predisposition against traditional Catholics. 

The Bible gives us perspective spiritually, and the Constitution guarantees our rights legally. In America, unless we abdicate our rights, the default is always to err on the side of liberty. In essence, I have to be a Christian Nationalist. Christ is why I live and America is where I live, and if I separate one from the other, then I am sacrificing the protections of both. 

Christian Nationalism? Sure. If you need a label to put on someone who loves the Lord and loves America and believes that the two go well together, go ahead, label me that. Guilty as charged. If I’m wrong, I’ve lost nothing. But if they’re wrong, they’ve lost everything. 

Get ready folks, and all the more as the day is drawing near.

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