Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, May 20, 2024


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Laura Clark: Rise up, Christians! ‘Lemon’ is dead!

Christians are constantly told to keep their faith out of the workplace because of “separation of church and state,” a made-up concept not found anywhere in law.

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Ashley Carter: Taylor Swift – second verse, same as the first

Listening to Taylor Swift's new album only strengthened my opinion that Swift is not a role model for our young girls.

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Laura Clark: What’s the difference between your faith and your personal preference?

What is the difference between the modern church and a community center with a shared mission? If you’re the average American, the answer is, sadly, nothing.

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Laura Clark: Be ye not pontificators of the Word, but doers

We are Christians. Our lives, our values, our speech, our politics, and our world belong to God. It’s high time we act like it.

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Allan Bledsoe: IVF, killing the preborn, and Christian worship

What does “going to church” have to do with what happens to embryos in IVF clinics? If we understand the God of the Bible, we will grasp how the two are vitally connected.

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Allen Keller: John Lennon and the lure of the East

Thanks in part to John Lennon, New Age ideas have made advances in our culture. But we should beware of the entire story, especially if we’re to resist the lure of the East.

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Kristin Landers: A Thanksgiving perspective in the midst of hard times

Circumstances in our lives are constantly shifting. One day we’re well, the next day we’re sick. One month we have plenty, the next month half the appliances break and we find our budgets in the red.

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Col. John Eidsmoe: From Wittenberg to Plymouth, from Luther to the Pilgrims

Four things to learn from Luther, Tyndale and Bradford as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Nick Treglia: Ready at a moment’s notice

When we think about witnessing to someone, it often comes with a pang of anxiety or stress. We feel like the conversation would be forced or awkward. But the Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Phil Williams: The war on Christian patriots

Christian Nationalism? Sure. If you need a label to put on someone who loves the Lord and loves America and believes that the two go well together, go ahead, label me that. Guilty as charged.

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Allen Keller: America seems to be abandoning nationhood and Christianity

If we are at war against Russia because of nationhood and Christianity, as Macgregor said, then we should stop supporting the war in Ukraine. We cannot expect God to bless our country if we do otherwise.

Marriage Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A love story built on a strong relationship with God

In this journey called life, relationships hold tremendous value, none more so than the bond shared between a husband and wife.

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Matt Clark: The relationship between Christianity and originalism

One hundred years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause protects parental rights. This holding is tricky.

Pride Month Alabama News
Parker Snider: This year’s Pride Month shows Christians have a decision to make

Most Alabamian Christians exhibit one of two reactions to the LGBTQ movement. The first is outrage. The second is indifference.

Car Wreck Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Are we wrecked?

Road trips are in our family's DNA. It is what we do. But that Saturday marked the first time I saw three wrecks in six hours.

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Devin Foley: Alabama, don't be Minnesota

I can still flee Minnesota and go to Alabama or another red state. But if Alabama makes the same mistakes and falls to the left, then where will you go?

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Ashley Carter: The greatest story of love ever told

Easter is celebrated all around the world as a time of renewal and a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always a chance for new life to emerge.

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Big Oak Ranch: Alabama Christian children’s home helps children from difficult circumstances find dignity

As you enter the Big Oak Girl’s Ranch headquarters, the first thing you see is a seal on the floor. On it is a tree, and on the tree are the last several lines of Isaiah 61:3.

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Alabama House approves resolution to officially recognize St. Patrick’s Day, Irish in Alabama

The Alabama House of Representatives approved a resolution this week to officially recognize St. Patrick’s Day and individuals of Irish heritage in Alabama. 

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Anti-Christian violence on the rise in the U.S. — Five Alabama churches attacked since 2018

A new report from the Family Research Council (FRC) indicates that acts of hostility toward Christian churches in the United States are on the rise. 

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Nearly 200 north Alabama churches leave United Methodist Church over disputes between traditional Christians, progressives

Nearly 200 Alabama churches officially seceded from the United Methodist Church (UMC) last weekend following years of conflict over social and theological issues.

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Missionaries from Alabama persevere through lockdowns and global conflicts

By 1819 News staff The COVID-19 pandemic and unrest around the world have security experts working overtime to ensure the safety of...

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Richard E. Simmons: What has happened to Harvard?

Back in August of this year, Harvard announced that they had hired a new chaplain who happens to be an atheist. That does not seem...