On Friday night Congresswoman Terri Sewell (D-AL07) voted to ban over a hundred popular semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns. On Monday, her Republican opponent Beatrice Nichols told 1819 News that the people of the Seventh Congressional District were not well represented by the incumbent’s vote.

“It aggravates me,” Nichols said. “I just think she represents the national Democratic [Party] interest and not the interests of the people of the Seventh District.”

“We have hunters in the Seventh District,” Nichols continued. “We have people in the Seventh District that want to be able to defend their homes and their families. We have cities in the Seventh District that are very dangerous. I have talked to people who are scared to walk around in their neighborhoods after dark.”

Proponents of the Democrats’ “assault weapons ban” argue that it will make America safer by taking weapons off of the street.

Nichols scoffed at claims that the assault weapons ban would decrease crime.

“The criminals are still going to be able to get those guns,” Nichols said. “It is the law-abiding citizens who will not.”

Nichols said that she believes that the bill was unconstitutional on its face.

“The Constitution is very straightforward. It says shall not be infringed,” Nichols said.

While Alabama consistently votes Republican, Sewell, a Democrat, has been elected six times by voters in the Seventh District. Nichols claimed that Americans' protections under the Second Amendment is an issue that can unite the people of the district.

“There are Democrats in the Seventh District who want to defend their families,” said Nichols. “In the Seventh District we treasure our freedoms. We cherish our liberties.

“It is very sad how we have been represented. Sewell represents national Democrats not the interests of the people of the Seventh Congressional District.”

Alabama’s Seventh Congressional District is the state’s only majority-minority district. Following redistricting last year, it is still a majority-minority district, but much less so than before redistricting.

Nichols, Sewell, and Libertarian Gavin Goodman are on the Nov. 8 general election ballot for the 7th Congressional District.

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