Alabama second congressional district candidate Dick Brewbaker picked up an endorsement from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In a letter to Brewbaker, Paxton said he endorses the former Alabama state lawmaker because of his commitment to finding a long-term solution to the border crisis. 

"Your commitment to finding a long-term solution to stop the flow of illegals at our border, and to America First policies supported by President Donald Trump is exactly the type of stand-and-be-counted moment that we will hopefully look back on and see as helping to save our Republic," the letter stated.

Paxton has been fighting to protect the Texas border with Mexico and to defend SB 4, which makes it a state crime to cross the border illegally and detain illegal aliens for deportation.

"As you know, we have a crisis on our southern border," Paxton continued. "The sheer number of people attempting to cross the border into South Texas is problematic, purposeful and unprecedented. The number of foreign nationals and foreign nations represented among the mass of humanity being let into our country by The Biden Administration can only be described as an invasion. We need good people like you in Congress to help us put a stop to this."

The border issue has continually been discussed among Republican candidates for AL-2. In a debate for the upcoming runoff, Brewbaker's opponent, Caroleene Dobson, who previously lived in Texas and worked as a real estate attorney, called to close the border. However, Brewbaker said that was not an option. He argued that the border needed to be secured, saying illegal immigration at the current rate was unsustainable and dangerous.

Dobson said illegal aliens crossing the border at the current rate is an invasion.

Brewbaker said he was thankful for the Texas AG's endorsement.

"I'm proud to have the endorsement of General Paxton," Brewbaker said. "He understands that the solutions to the border aren't complicated – we just need the willpower to enforce the law."

The Republican primary runoff is set for April 16.

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