After getting a first-hand look at the migrant crisis at America’s southern border, U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Huntsville) has proposed legislation to resume building the border wall that was started under former President Donald Trump.

In his first House floor speech, Strong shared highlights from his trip and remarked on the billions of dollars in border wall materials going to waste, “left to rust and ruin.”

"The Secretary of Homeland Security says that the border is secure. The American people know better," Strong said during his speech. "[D]uring our trip, I was reminded that on his first day in office, the president terminated the emergency declaration at the southern border and halted border wall construction. Over the last two years, CBP have encountered over 4.7 million illegal immigrants trying to enter our country. That doesn't include the 1.2 million that have evaded border patrol."

"The [Biden] administration tells the American people that the border is under control," he continued. "If our border is secure, then why – over the last two years – has the administration continued to send our troops to the border? That alone signals to every American that we have a problem."

Strong said his bill would resume border wall construction and "ensure the president cannot withhold resources while sending our troops to the front lines."

"I am proud to introduce this legislation and other measures to ensure that if the administration expects our troops to defend our border. … Then we expect them to provide every tool, resource, and means of support to each of the brave men and women protecting our homeland security," he added.

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