The Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) still has foster care non-profit Kids to Love referrals frozen, but CEO Lee Marshall said there is more than one way to give children clean, safe homes.

Marshall said while waiting for the court system to make a decision, private donations have helped the organization place children and assist foster families,

“Our homes are no longer sitting empty,” said Marshall. “Thanks to people who see the value of how we serve, that are coming along beside us and serving alongside us, Kids to Love is able to take both foster care and private placement. There are true orphans in our community that we are actually providing homes for.”

Marshall said six more children have been moved into Kids to Love homes over the past several days.

Just Thursday, DHR completed audits on the organization’s child placing agency, foster families, the Shoals campus and Davidson Farms. Marshall said the audit resulted in no deficiencies.

“So, even when they are not utilizing our services, our team is still working so hard for these kids and for our kids and our families, to maintain a top level of excellence.”

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth has actively worked with Kids to Love, Marshall said, and she appreciates that.

Marshall said although she feels calls to Gov. Kay Ivey to make a change are falling on deaf ears, she asked supporters to continue to voice concerns.

“Let me be clear, we are still serving,” said Marshall. “Again, while not at full capacity, our homes are filling up, and we are truly helping children and families in need in our community.”

Marshall asked for prayers for a Kids to Love foster family that has experienced unnecessary heartbreak.

“We have seen ugly in a new form by those who are sworn to take care of children and these parents have lived through what no parent should live through,” she added.

Kids to Love is also working on a Christmas project to bring foster children the Christmas they deserve.

For more information on Kids to Love or to donate, click here.

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