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Photo from KFP com Alabama News
Troy University economist: Tennessee lawsuit against BlackRock may bring to light plans and practices that have hidden in the dark for too long

An Alabama lawyer and economist said that a recent lawsuit from the state of Tennessee against the financial titan BlackRock, Inc. over its environmental, social, governance (ESG) investment strategy could shed light on the massive asset management corporation. 

Blackrock OMG Alabama News
Troy University economist warns of BlackRock's 'nefarious ability to influence politicians' in wake of O’Keefe report of alleged recruiter — 'These guys run the world'

Independent journalist James O’Keefe released a video on Wednesday morning in which an alleged BlackRock Inc. employee suggested the company is purchasing politicians and profiting off of war. One Alabama lawyer, economist and think-tank leader said it’s a sign that the company has “an uncanny and nefarious ability to influence politicians.”

AL Senate Ashley Carter Alabama News
Alabama Senate approves unexpected $1 million for Troy’s Johnson Center in education budget

The Alabama Senate approved a $1 million appropriation for Troy University’s Johnson Center for Political Economy last week in its Education Trust Fund budget, but Johnson Center executive director Allen Mendenhall said he only found out about this when a reporter showed him the bill.

Andrew Sorrell Alabama News
State Auditor Sorrell defends fight against ESG, condemns criticism of anti-ESG bill proponent

State Auditor Andrew Sorrell defended the fight against government contracts with companies that discriminate using woke environmental, social governance (ESG) criteria in a letter to Troy University on Thursday.

Biden SVB Alabama News
Troy economist explains what bank runs mean for Alabamians; Says Biden’s assurance ‘could backfire’

An Alabama economist weighed in on last week’s Silicon Valley and Signature Bank Collapse, explaining that the central banking system is the “leading problem” of the country’s financial situation and warning that President Joe Biden’s assurance of the banking system’s safety “could backfire.”

ESG blocks Alabama News
Allen Mendenhall: ESG, banks and viewpoint diversity

ESG in financial services will sharpen political divides, taking the culture war to board rooms and then to all companies (because all companies depend on financial services).

Some faculty and students from Allen Mendenhall Alabama News
Troy University’s Johnson Center to launch Free Enterprise Scholars program to combat 'woke capitalism'

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University is creating a Free Enterprise Scholars program to help combat the growing left-wing bias in corporations and businesses in Alabama and across the country.