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Two children dead from flu so far this season — Urgent care facilities seeing increases in flu, strep, COVID

Alabama is among the top five states in the United States with the highest rate of flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Boy getting COVID Vaccine from CDC
Stephanie Holden Smith: Children aren’t government guinea pigs

The CDC cannot require children to get vaccinations to attend school.

doctor thumbs down
Matt Clark: Bad advice from the CDC and Freedom from Religion Foundation

Something must be in the air. It’s not just the cold weather and the flu. It’s the virus of bad advice, and it’s coming from the CDC and Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Released documents show CDC officials working with social media companies to police COVID-19 narrative

Newly released information shows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) having direct communication with social media companies to assist in policing misinformation.

child vaccine
ADPH recommends COVID-19 vaccinations for students; some doctors disagree

"Getting children all recommended vaccines is one of the most important things parents can do to help protect their kids’ health, the health of their classmates, and their community," ADPH wrote in a statement.

Monkeypox virus
Two cases of monkeypox diagnosed in Alabama

" Avoid close, skin-to-skin contact with a person who has monkeypox," the Alabama Department of Public Health warned after a Mobile person has been diagnosed with the monkeypox virus - the first case in Alabama

Lightning safety during summer months

With the warmer weather come thunderstorms, and thunderstorms come with lightning.

Childhood liver disease now "moderate global risk," WHO says

Global cases of liver disease in children are still on the rise, with experts still claiming the cause is a mystery.

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ADPH changes isolation guidance for COVID-19

  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance decreasing the time that a person should isolate following...

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National liquor law conference to be held in Montgomery

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage...

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Former U.S. Secretary of State dies at 84

By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor Retired Army Gen. Colin L. Powell passed away early Monday, according to a statement from his family....