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Rise to the Moment of Truth Friday, July 19, 2024


Alabama political news democracy Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Who is the real threat to 'democracy'?

Desperate people will say anything. And the radical left is getting desperate as they look toward the November election.

Alabama political news democracy Alabama News
Joey Clark: Democracy ain't what you think

Were the idea of democracy not so charming the task of persuading my fellow Americans of its absurdity would be much easier.

Trump mugshot Alabama News
Joey Clark: Is Trump really a unique threat to democracy?

Playing on people's insecurities and fears of "the other" is not exclusive to America First. These are not flaws of a know-nothing populist reactionary movement but features of democracy itself.  

Peasants Alabama News
Joey Clark: Charming 'we the people' into serfdom

No matter its promises, charms, or supposed generosity – no matter its calls for selfless service – the government is a Selfish Giant with an insatiable appetite for more and more. 

US capitol building Alabama News
Joey Clark: Democracy is America's unholy god

Free and faithful men must not relent to authority for authority’s sake, even if it is draped in the noble toga of democracy.

Black and White Alabama News
Allen Keller: A brief history of absolutes

We must recognize that, because absolutes are absolute, we as a culture or government don’t control them. They exist separate from us. They were put there by God and are part of His nature.