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AG Marshall gives updates on Alabama's abortion law

Attorney General (AG) Steve Marshall continues to offer elucidation on Alabama’s abortion law that took effect after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade.

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Joey Clark: Looking for the ladder

If a society grounded in ordered liberty is to be sustained, it must also be based on a humble uncertainty about the course of human history. Rather than jumping from beginning to end, the living story of man’s onward and upward emancipation is constantly being written as a balancing act between the book covers.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats
Joey Clark: For the win, Trump kisses Katie Britt's ring

If there is one thing Donald Trump respects above all, it’s winning. Winning is his gold standard. Winning is his North star. All manner of sins can be forgiven by winning. All shifts in narrative, policy, or principle can be explained by winning. Even the corporate press is willing to meet Trump on his own winning terms, as they carefully keep track of his win/loss record in the 2022 midterm election cycle.

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Joey Clark: Katie Britt's ambition should be made of sterner stuff

I hope Katie Britt is chuckling to herself. Her decision to decline to debate Mo Brooks under the circus big top before the June 21 run-off election for US Senate is both politically savvy and downright hilarious for those of us with a warped Machiavellian sense of humor.

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Joey Clark: Orwell's lost wager on democracy and socialism

Orwell’s plausible assessment of majority opinion aside, could it not also be said that the trouble with democratic elections is that somebody wins them? Which is worse for the losers: the free competition of the market or the outcomes of democratic elections? Which of the two is truly more dog-eat-dog? Which of the two leads to more centralized, monopoly power — democracy or economic liberty?

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Joey Clark: What is history to a hero?

Election days have a way of turning grand pronouncements into self-serving tropes. The more I hear phrases such as “we are at a tipping point” or “this is the most important election ever in history."

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Joey Clark: Enjoy the sunshine, even if tomorrow looks like rain

Am I the only one in Alabama who can’t wait for this election cycle to end?

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Joey Clark: Political bigotry

Bigot — a person who is intolerant of people with different opinions or innate characteristics than their own.

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Joey Clark: Liberty isn't to blame for what the Leviathan has wrought

Despite the triumphant march of America’s leviathan government throughout the 20th century to this day, individualism and political...

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Joey Clark: Joe Rogan and the political pollution of culture

Though it may be true that “politics is downstream from culture,” politics can also pollute the river of culture. Power tends to corrupt...

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Joey Clark: Is our education system just a long, drawn-out joke?

In the last days of my academic career, a final college course delivered the punchline to a long, drawn-out joke. By that time, I was...

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Joey Clark: Better to take risks than to live in fear

Contrary to partisan bugaboos, the United States remains an exceptional nation, even in regard to its own unique despotism. While partisans...

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Joey Clark: The unfortunate lesson of bowling alone

A recent shooting at Montgomery’s Bama Lanes on the Atlanta Highway reminds me of two things. First, I am reminded of Robert Putnam’s...

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Joey Clark: Only our legislature could equate gambling with "aesthetic character"

Not until the last couple of years have I taken time to shift some of my focus from Washington’s politics to Alabama’s own, though...

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Joey Clark: Bring your own yardstick when measuring Senate candidates

In 2015’s "Of Goats & Governors" — a book furnished by a Wise Old Tree known to many Alabamians as Mr. Flowers — an oldfangled joke...

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Joey Clark: Mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore

In this age of narrative wars, the 1976 Sidney Lumet classic film Network is still worth the price of streaming. From memorable scenes...